Time To Upgrade?

I recently had to buy Quicken for our computer for my new position as Treasurer of LVMoMs. A bonus to this is that Russell and I have been talking about getting it for ourselves anyways.

You see, our computer is a little old. As in, my brother gave it to me way back in 2003… and it was used then, old.

It has an old version of Microsoft Money, which we have been using to keep track of all our money stuff for the past few years. Anyways, Microsoft Money had pretty much been discontinued and in order to keep all of our finances in order when we do end up getting a new computer- we’d have to switch to Quicken anyways. So today I spent a little time trying to transfer all our accounts from Money into Quicken.

Luckily, Quicken has an easy import feature which can do this transfer for you.

Not so lucky, it only works with Microsoft Money 2007 and 2008.  And which version do we have? 2001.

Not. Even. Close.

In the end I did find a solution by downloading a 60 day trial of a newer version of Money and was able to get everything moved over without having to manually input every detail of every account. It does bring up the question though…

Is it time for a new computer?

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  1. It’s not even a question! Friend, it’s time!

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