Potty Chart Extravaganza

We are deep in the throes of potty training Wyatt. In our house we use a sticker reward system. Luckily my kids see the sticker as the reward and don’t need anything extra special for completing a chart. He gets a little sticker for “number one” and a big sticker “number two.” Wyatt is thrilled enough to pick a new character each time he completes a chart, which on a good day is about every day. I make simple charts using whatever character he picks and circled numbers using Paint and I thought you might get a giggle looking at the different characters he picks, and maybe I could save someone else some time if they are looking for a abominable snow monster potty chart. That’s normal, right?

We started with a Thomas potty chart

ThomasNext he wanted Zurg. The toy Buzz Lightyear fights in Toy Story.


Then he wanted Olaf


Next it was Buzz.

Buzz LightyearThen it was Marshmallow (the snow monster from Frozen)

Marshmallow_(Frozen)He also wanted Woody.

woody-toy-storyAnd like I mentioned the Abominable “Bubble” snow monster from Rudolf

AbominableFlynn and Rapunzel for his sisters’ birthday party

flynn-rapunzelAnd today he picked Percy

PercyFeel free to right click to save any of these charts for your own personal use.

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Alyssa and Kylie’s Rapunzel Birthday

Alyssa and Kylie celebrated their 5th birthday with some of their friends this past weekend. They requested a Rapunzel (Tangled) theme party so I thought I’d share some details, along with free printables, of the things I made!

We had frying pan plates, because… who knew, right?!

February 2015 003

A “Best Day Ever” banner that I made using my cricut.

February 2015 004

An apple toss for Maximus bean bag game.

February 2015 010Flynn Rider wanted posters…

February 2015 014…and coloring pages, complete with missing nose for the kids to add their own attempt. Can they get his nose right?

February 2015 011Lanterns.

February 2015 009And of course, a magic golden flower.

February 2015 008The boys who came to the party got a ruffian/viking hat (tutorial here) and a handmade Flynn Rider satchel filled with a glow stick ax, eye patch, fake mustache and some chocolate gold coins.

February 2015 005The girls got a flower braid and Rapunzel goody bags filled with a princess crown, Rapunzel’s paints, a princess comb and mirror and a ring pop.

February 2015 006The cupcakes were topped with kingdom suns, and the girls’ cupcakes had Rapunzel on top. Found here. You can see I used the other people in the set around for decorating too. Yes, I had to buy two sets.

February 2015 018Russell ran some yellow streamers around to look like Rapunzel’s hair.

February 2015 019The girls were excited to celebrate

February 2015 027February 2015 028February 2015 026

Now for the FREE printables! Just open and right click to save the document to your computer.

Click here for the Flynn Rider frying pan printable

Click here for the Maximus image.

Click here for Flynn’s wanted poster (I printed it on brown cardstock)

Click here for Flynn’s coloring page

Click here for the lantern printable (I printed two and glued them together to get the right size, I used cardstock to hold the shape better)

Click here for the sun cupcake toppers (I used a two inch circle punch)

Click here for the Rapunzel’s Paints insert (I don’t have a picture but I just slid them inside the paints)

Click here for the Princess goody bag sign

Click here for the Ruffians goody bag sign

Click here for the Magic Golden Flower story printable

Click here for a Golden Flower Incantation printable

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