Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #7


Not a mattress thrown on the floor, a real bed.

Not the cat scratch tower, a real chair.

Not the girls’ giant stuffed turtle, a couch.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #6

A dishwasher.

Sure ours is loud and only does a so so job. Never the less I can’t wait to go home, use a bunch of dishes and let it do the job for me.

Also included in today’s post… dishes. I can’t wait to eat off a real plate again. At the apartment we are using (and washing) plastic plates, so we didn’t have to pack our entire kitchen.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #5

Ice Cream.

As you may have read in previous posts, we love ice cream. It is a nightly tradition to have a bowl of ice cream mixed with some kind of chocolate candy. Since moving to California, our food budget has gotten blown way out of proportion (stupid higher cost of living!) and the ice cream didn’t make the cut.

I miss you old friend… even though I like the way my clothes are fitting much better without you.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #4

Longer Showers.

The water heater here at the apartment it not very big and so there is just barely enough warm water for me to get all my shaving and washing needs taken care of before it turns cold. And since I only get 2 (sometimes 3) showers per week, everyone of those steps is vital.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #3

No more noisy neighbors.

I had forgotten, or maybe didn’t realize before I had kids, how loud neighbors can be. Our downstairs neighbors play some kind of video games or movies that the bass makes our floor rumble. The neighbors on one side are pretty good for the most part, but sometimes party a little loud- luckily a couple rooms and walls separate them from our nursery. And the neighbors on the other side literally hammer multiple times every day, and at all hours. How is this even possible? What could need so much hammering? Thank you very much, but I can’t wait to get back to a nice quiet neighborhood and no more sharing of walls.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #2

A Garage. Attached to the house.

No more parking a ways away and having to carry both girls (upstairs too!) by myself. I miss our attached garage where I can bring one kid in and set her down before I get her sister. I will also enjoy not having to bring in the groceries from so far away.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #1

Two Cribs.

Two full sized cribs for two kids. Not two toddlers sharing one pack and play. The day has come and gone where the girls like to cuddle up in their sleep. Now they like to kick each other, climb on each other, and steal blankets, bears, etc from each other in their sleep.

Side note, where did my tiny little babies go?

(that is one burp cloth they are both sleeping on)

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