Today is my birthday, and as I begin the journey into this new decade I honestly have no ill feelings. I have so many joys in my life, and am pretty much right where I would have expected to be at this point. I have a husband who I love very much, three children who challenge and inspire me daily, a home that we can continue  to make memories in, family that supports me no matter what, and amazing friends that I am so thankful to have in my life. Seriously, how could I not be thrilled with life as it is? Two bonuses are that we have absolutely zero debt (outside of our house and a small loan on our car) and that I get to be the President of a fabulous group of Multilples Mamas.

I mentioned I have awesome friends, and here is what I mean. Two of my absolute favorite people in the world are coming to Vegas to help me celebrate my birthday. Robin and Erin have been there for me for over 10 years. I found a couple old pictures to share with you, because everyone knows I love embarrassing pictures ūüôā

Vegas 2007_05_30_14_25_02 010 5/25/2007 7:43 PM

Cathy Visit 08 020

Erin Visit 011

Nina 014

Nina Shower 004

Nina Shower 015

Rehearsal 035


thanksgiving (9)

vegas 002

And check them out years ago with their little babies!


Remember how I said they were awesome? Those two little girls both started kindergarten this week! And their mamas are still taking time to come visit me for my birthday. I love you ladies!

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Put Them To Work

Today was house cleaning day around here. We have family and friends starting to arrive tomorrow, and into next weekend also so it was time to tidy up the place a bit. I actually don’t care much about impressing our visitors, it is just an easy way for me to remember the last time it was that I cleaned if I do it right before someone visits. It’s a good thing we have guests every month or so or my house would just be filthy.¬† A good friend, and fellow twin mom, and I were talking yesterday and she mentioned that someone had said to her: “At least your house is always clean because you stay home with your kids. ” In what world does that person think she lives in. Hasn’t everyone seen this before?


It is a little counterproductive having kids around while you clean because they can make messes WAY faster than I can clean them up… especially left with less supervision. That’s why I make my kids work too! Isn’t that one of the reasons everyone had like ten kids 150 years ago? They needed help managing the farm, running the house, etc. I say, why should now be any different?

They sweep:

July 2013 504

They mop:

August 2013 154


August 2013 153


And they do windows:

August 2013 156

My kids actually love to help and always ask the participate. At 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 they obviously can’t really do these chores all by themselves, but I can’t say no to letting them help. I would be crazy to do anything to turn them off of their desire to help clean!¬† Hopefully they will take the same pride when I ask them to do chores for years to come!

And check out this special moment I caught after we were all done.

August 2013 158

I love them.

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Children’s Books, What Are You Doing?

I’ve posted before about some weird things I’ve found in some of the girls books. Like this one here. And it should be pretty obvious to anyone who reads nursery rhymes that there is some seriously weird stuff out there.¬† I know they all have like hidden meanings and propaganda against the king of England or something, but why are we continuing to read these to our kids? Without further ado…


So… why?

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Firestation Open House

Today we went down to Fire Station 33 for the county’s open house event. It was so awesome and we had a lot of fun. We got to climb on the trucks, shoot the hose, go in an ambulance and medical helicopter, and lots more. Plus they served lunch and had tons of free coloring books, crayons, and toys for the kids. Did I mention it was totally free?!

August 2013 086

August 2013 085

August 2013 087

This was Wyatt’s first time getting to do something like this. I think it is safe to say he enjoyed the experience!

August 2013 091

August 2013 092

August 2013 094

August 2013 096

She told me afterwards “Mommy, I wasn’t shy with that guy! I let him help me.” She was really proud and excited.

August 2013 097

August 2013 101

August 2013 111

August 2013 113

August 2013 115

August 2013 117

Apparently this event happens every other month at different Fire Stations. We will be going back for sure. The only thing that they didn’t love was that there were some characters like McGruff the Crime Dog, and a guy inside a big inflatable fireman suit walking around. Alyssa started screaming as soon as she saw that. Also, Russell had to work so he missed out, but otherwise we had a blast.


On our trip to California my mom and I spent just a few minutes going through some family items in her cedar chest. One of these things was my great grandmother’s wedding dress. What a treasure!

July 2013 393

Here is their wedding photo, with her in this dress. Carl Mikkelsen and Johanna Andersen, married May 7, 1913. It’s amazing, she wore this dress 100 years ago!

Andersen Mikkelsen wedding0001

Years ago, before my own wedding my mom and I had gone to visit my grandmother. At that time I was able to try on both of my mom’s wedding dresses, my grandmother’s dress, and this very dress. I thought it was cool then, and that’s before I even got interested in my ancestry. I still remember that very special day with two of my favorite people in the world.

mom's pics 042



I miss blogging. I got so busy with the summer, vacation planning and traveling and everything that I really let it slide. I’m not saying I am going to be awesome (or even consistent) but I am going to try to be better.

Saturdays are really our Friday, so I still had the kids to myself today. They talked me into taking all of them, plus Rusty, to the local dog park. It’s called Woofter Park and they have a small dogs area, and a big dogs area. The girls helped hold Rusty’s leash and carry a blanket for us while I carried the diaper bag with snacks and water and Wyatt (not included in the diaper bag).¬† Everyone had fun. Rusty had a blast running and barking and playing with the other dogs and it really reminded me we have more than just 3 kids. The pets need a little more from us sometimes too. The girls ran and chased Rusty, and all three kids loved petting the other new dogs. It was a wonderful morning.

August 2013 005

The girls also discovered their love of climbing fences, and seriously… they went to town. I was all the way on the other side of the park and they just started climbing, and didn’t stop.

August 2013 002

I had my camera zoomed in all the way for these.

August 2013 004

I had to keep saying “Don’t go all the way over the top.” And if you know my girls, their response won’t surprise you… “For what?”

August 2013 007

On our way to the dog park we stopped at a neighborhood garage sale. They had a bunch of toys and stuff but the thing that made me unload all of my kids was a kitchen nook table. The cool corner bench kind that Russell and I talked about putting in when we first bought our house. It wasn’t in nice enough shape that I asked the price, but the girls did spot a Little Tikes table that they liked. They have still been eating in high chairs and I think at 3 1/2 are probably ready to learn to be big kids and sit still and not make huge messes.


Am I right?

I hope so because we went home to get some cash an bought the little table. My parents bought a picnic style table a year ago or so for them, but it has kinda been taken over as a craft table (coloring, play-dough, etc) so I justified picking up this one too. Hopefully Russell agrees. I guess we could always use one as an outside table and one for inside.

August 2013 010

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