I miss blogging. I got so busy with the summer, vacation planning and traveling and everything that I really let it slide. I’m not saying I am going to be awesome (or even consistent) but I am going to try to be better.

Saturdays are really our Friday, so I still had the kids to myself today. They talked me into taking all of them, plus Rusty, to the local dog park. It’s called Woofter Park and they have a small dogs area, and a big dogs area. The girls helped hold Rusty’s leash and carry a blanket for us while I carried the diaper bag with snacks and water and Wyatt (not included in the diaper bag).  Everyone had fun. Rusty had a blast running and barking and playing with the other dogs and it really reminded me we have more than just 3 kids. The pets need a little more from us sometimes too. The girls ran and chased Rusty, and all three kids loved petting the other new dogs. It was a wonderful morning.

August 2013 005

The girls also discovered their love of climbing fences, and seriously… they went to town. I was all the way on the other side of the park and they just started climbing, and didn’t stop.

August 2013 002

I had my camera zoomed in all the way for these.

August 2013 004

I had to keep saying “Don’t go all the way over the top.” And if you know my girls, their response won’t surprise you… “For what?”

August 2013 007

On our way to the dog park we stopped at a neighborhood garage sale. They had a bunch of toys and stuff but the thing that made me unload all of my kids was a kitchen nook table. The cool corner bench kind that Russell and I talked about putting in when we first bought our house. It wasn’t in nice enough shape that I asked the price, but the girls did spot a Little Tikes table that they liked. They have still been eating in high chairs and I think at 3 1/2 are probably ready to learn to be big kids and sit still and not make huge messes.


Am I right?

I hope so because we went home to get some cash an bought the little table. My parents bought a picnic style table a year ago or so for them, but it has kinda been taken over as a craft table (coloring, play-dough, etc) so I justified picking up this one too. Hopefully Russell agrees. I guess we could always use one as an outside table and one for inside.

August 2013 010

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Comparing & Coloring

I have twins, and they are identical too. This invites a lot of people to try to compare them to each other. It happened much more when they were babies.

“Have they both started to crawl yet?”

“Who is the better sleeper?”

“Do you have the same discipline problems with both?”

I get it. Twins are interesting and people are curious, but it makes me crazy. I feel like there can be so much pressure on them to do things in the same way at the same time. Since their little egg split these two are different people. They may save the same DNA but have different personalities and interests. It didn’t matter that Alyssa started crawling a month after Kylie, she ended up walking first. And so what if Kylie isn’t as good at catching a ball as Alyssa? She is better at drawing. And in a couple of years if one wants to do karate and one wants to take piano lessons then that just sounds perfect to me.

And just because I am a proud little mama, here is a picture Kylie colored yesterday. I think she did a pretty good job for still being two years old! She is getting better at coloring in the lines (all on her own, we don’t tell her she needs to!) and worked especially hard on Big Bird’s beak and feet.

January 2013 013

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Who Is Who?

Here is a little cheat sheet for everyone to help keep track of who is who around here. I should also mention that the girls talk about themselves in the third person. I think it might be because they are twins and it is their way of identifying who they are talking about, but it also could be because that darn Elmo does it too. Who knows?!

Russell: Daddy

Me (Anina): Mommy

Alyssa: Lissie, Lissa or Sissy (sister)

Kylie: Ky-ya, Ky-dy or Sissy (sister)

Wyatt: Baby Wyatt or just Wyatt

Tank: Tanky. Also poor Tank has gotten the nickname “Poopy Cat” for reasons unknown

Leila: Monster (we gave her this nickname years ago and it has stuck for the girls. Leila is also pronounced Ye-Ya.

Rusty: Doggie or sometimes Rusty

Russell’s parents: Grandma and Grandpa. Commonly becomes one word “GrandmaGrandpa”

My dad and step-mom: Opa and Jo-Jo (also sometimes Grandma Jo)

My mom and step-dad: Grammy and Grampy. Mostly Gammy and Gampy actually.

AND since they are identical twins and people always want to know how we tell them apart, I thought I would see if anyone was brave enough to guess who is pictured here:

And this one?

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Their Marks

Before the girls were even born they made their mark on my heart. I will love them for as long as I live.

Unfortunately during the pregnancy they also made their mark on my belly. These stretch marks and stretched out skin (I call it my “twin skin”) aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And yesterday, they finished a project over two years in the making by putting their marks on my belly… cast!

We made this just 3 days before the girls were born at the biggest I (hopefully!) will ever be. I always envisioned having their hand prints on it, each in their respective positions, and yesterday we did it.

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Grammy and Grampy just got back from a trip to Hawaii and sent the kids a goody box. Here the girls are modeling some new shirts and flower hair clips. Could they be any cuter?

Kylie (left) Alyssa (right)

And here is one with leis as crowns, just as Grammy predicted.

Kylie (left) Alyssa (right)

They are so cute dressed like this I think we need to make a trip to Hawaii ourselves, but for now this is the best we can do. Aloha!

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Snuggle Bugs

I know, I know.

I have taken a serious break from my blog recently. Although I think most of you can forgive me and understand. I do kind of have my hands full and am adjusting to a new schedule and routine. BUT, I do have lots to share with you. Unfortunately, all the drafts I have in mind have only been written in my head, and there isn’t an easy way to post them from there 🙂

You can, however, start getting excited for Wyatt’s one month stats and his monthly photo shoot pictures, Adventures in Potty Training, a Kylie Artwork post, and more. For today I just want to share a couple pictures of the girls. Kylie has started climbing out of her bed to snuggle with her sister at night. Usually when they get out of their beds we put them back before we go to bed, but these nights we have left them where they are. It is just too cute to break up.

Alyssa left, Kylie right

Kylie left, Alyssa right

And yes, Kylie was wearing pajamas when she went to bed. You can actually see them behind her…

Kylie left, Alyssa right

Kind of reminds me of their old NICU picture. Some things never change.

Kylie left, Alyssa right

Born together, best friends forever.

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What Are The Odds?

My due date for this pregnancy is March 8. Since I had a c-section with the twins, I will have to have a scheduled c-section this time around also. (It is not really a big deal at all since my experience the first time around was very easy) For a scheduled cesarean my doctor had told me they like to do them about a week before your due date so you have less of a chance of going into labor. If you were to pull out your calendar you would see that would be one of the last days of February or the first day or March. And just to add a little twist, this coming year is no ordinary year… it is a leap year. Which means there is a very real possibility Sprout could be born on leap day. That we could choose to have Sprout born on leap day.

I have not decided exactly how I feel about the whole idea yet. In some ways I think it would be very fun and special and give him/her something extra unique about them-self (especially competing with sisters that are identical twins) But I am not sure how it feels not having your actual birth date thing every year.

In case you are wondering here are some statistics:

Odds of having identical twins: 3 out of 1,000 or 0.003%

Odds of having a leap day baby: 1 out of 1,506 or 0.00067%

So, I am curious… What are your thoughts on a leap day baby, and would you choose to do it if you could?

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Maybe The Sweetest Thing You’ll Ever See

Even sweeter because they did it themselves.

Right around a year old they decided they had had enough of sleeping together and wanted their own beds. Just shy of 18 months Alyssa decided maybe snuggling up with her sister wasn’t so bad after all.

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Bad Hair Days

We all have them.

The trick is not to let them make you crazy.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Maybe I Am A Supermom

A new study shows mothers of twins may live longer than mothers of singletons. Crazy, right? It said that moms of “natural” twins (side note: I hate that term, as if using any type of fertility treatment makes your kids unnatural) like our girls are may be physically stronger than non-twin moms to begin with. The mere fact that they conceive and carry twins is a sort of marker of a healthier, more evolved reproductive system. The twin moms in the study lived longer, had longer reproductive life spans, needed less time to recover between pregnancies, and had more children overall than those who did not carry twins. One researcher even called these women “remarkable, physically exceptional people.”


Very interesting stuff! Click here to read the full article.

*Please do not read too much into this post, I am certainly not claiming to be some amazing physical specimen. I just thought it was interesting and I was trying to be funny.

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