A BIG Thank You

I want to take a moment to give a BIG thank you to all the people who treat my daughters as individuals.

Who make it a point to learn their differences.

Who ask questions about each of their likes and dislikes.

Who know them as “Alyssa” and “Kylie” … not just “the twins”.

Who study their pictures and don’t rely on Facebook tags to tell who is who.

Who love them for who they are, not what they are.

We are incredibly blessed to have so many of these people in our lives. Thank you for loving our girls like we love them.

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Untitled Thoughts

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for too many days now because I didn’t have a title for it. But I didn’t want to let it sit longer, so please excuse my lack of creativity.

If you’re a regular reader you may remember a while ago I wrote a letter to 18 year old me that got me thinking about the past, about life, and about the seemingly insignificant choices we make everyday. I promised a follow up post that never came… until now.

I was reminded of this topic recently after I read a blog written by a father who just lost his three sons. After a high risk, yet uneventful triplet pregnancy, his children were born rather suddenly at only 22 weeks. If you have the strength, read what he wrote about them here and offer up a prayer for them. But be warned- you might need a kleenex or two.

So it has brought me back to a place of contemplation.

Is this fate, or karma? Did this couple lose their boys as punishment for something they did in a past life? Or because they wouldn’t have loved them enough in this one? If you read any of their posts I think you can argue that wouldn’t be it. So what then?

In times like this people will often say “everything happens for a reason.” I wonder… can they really mean everything? Everything is a whole lot of things. That would have to include the clothes we pick out each day, what we watch on TV, yes… even our kids pooping in the tub or other fun parenting surprises, ALL have some higher purpose. And I wonder, can that really be true? But can it be possible the opposite is true? Nothing happens for a reason. We are all just floating around like that feather in Forrest Gump? I think it must be somewhere in between. How then, can we find solace knowing that there is some purpose, and when must we simply accept that no one ever said life would be easy?

Another thing I have heard from time to time it that “It was meant to be.” It seems as though we love to think happy things are always meant to be. Those two people were meant to be together, or that job is perfect for him- it was meant to be, even Russell and I said we always felt like we were meant to have twins. But if good things are meant to be, are bad things as well? I had mentioned back in this post that my friend Robin’s car accident might have been avoided if someone had to go to the bathroom and they left a few minutes later. But maybe that isn’t true. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference. It’s possible the guy who hit them would have also left later. Maybe they were meant to be in that accident.

And what about God?

“God is in control” people say. But I (brace yourself- I may upset some people here) do not think that is true. I don’t think God is in control. I think God could be in control, but chooses to give us free will instead, and that is both the joy and the curse of it. Similarly I can be here to comfort, support, and guide my children… but I can’t always make them do what I want. (and I have a sneaking suspicion that it will only get worse) And sometimes they get hurt because of that. But that is the way God has designed it.

The truth is, bad things happen. Couples who desperately want a child know the constant heartache of infertility. Parents are forced to grieve the life of a child cut so very short. Jobs that are needed are lost. Homes are lost. And while I don’t have all the any answers as to why, I do know that everything… the good and the bad… is what defines us and shapes who we are.

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The Case Of The Missing Numbers

We have about a dozen or so magnetic colored numbers on our fridge. They have always had a way of disappearing. I’ve found them in drawers, in pots and pans, even in the recycling, not to mention the toy bin. But a few weeks ago I started to not be able to find them in any of the usual places.

Our fridge started getting pretty bare.

So where did the missing numbers go? I looked everywhere.

Well, apparently not everywhere.

Check out what I discovered when I pulled Alyssa out of her high chair yesterday.

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Time Out Times Two

This is what that looks like.

And yes, I am the mom who took a picture of her kids in time out. They’re just so cute!

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That Was 90% Gravity

We had our first flush of the toilet by a little hand tonight.

And while I am a realist and am fully aware of what to except in the coming couple of years, tonight’s incident was less about actually flushing the toilet and more about falling off while climbing the toilet and accidentally hitting the handle on the way down.

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Sure, That’s Reasonable

I understand I had to walk out of the room for about 40 seconds. Really… I was just asking for it.

Here is a side view so you can see what is actually going on.

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We May Need To Work On Our Secretary Skills

While I was outside this afternoon hanging the laundry (which I am sure you can imagine is anything but cool in Las Vegas in June) the girls decided to be little helpers and reorganize our filing cabinet for us. I am using the terms “helpers” and “reorganize” loosely here since reorganizing consisted mostly of dumping out a number of files in one big pile. It also included sitting in that pile and throwing the papers over themselves. (Think what people do when they get a huge pile of cash on TV) But you know, not with anything important. Just little files… like our mortgage documents, car loan documents and all our medical records.


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Rockin’ The Bump!

I just loved my big ol’ pregnant belly, and I couldn’t resist sharing it when I found this blog hop.

Here I am with the girls at 34 weeks, just days before they were born. I am wearing one of only three maternity shirts that still fit me at this point! If only I had know about this back then…

Showing where baby “A” (Alyssa) was…

And baby “B” (Kylie)…

Check out some of the other bumps by clicking on the button below!

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Why I Don’t Take The Girls Grocery Shopping

Luckily, this was at Lied Discovery Children’s Museum and it is o.k. for them to destroy stuff there. I love this place.

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Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace- The Winners!

The winner of the Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace giveaway is…

Sarah (comment #14) who said:
“I love the purple bean one! I heard they work great, I would LOVE one!!!!!!!”

And three readers are also receiving a 20% off discount if they order. Those people are…

Allison (#2) who said “I like them on FB. I like the green. Do you think I could get away with Mark wearing this? My poor little guy only has 4 teeth and he’s a terrible teether.”

Julie (#18) who said “I like the multi color necklace”

Rose (#10) who said “the maple glow is my fav. =) I’m so going to get these for the twins!”

I have sent you all an email with instructions on how to claim your discount/necklace. Please respond within 48 hours or I will pick new winners. Thank you everybody!

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