Happy Halloween!

I am especially excited this year because it is my girls’ first Halloween AND I made their costumes, which I think turned out really well. Kylie is the bumble bee, and Alyssa is the ladybug. I’ll do a post later this week about the actual process I used to make each costume, but today’s post is just for pictures! Aren’t they cute???

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Morning Glory

Tonight I baked a batch of one of my favorite kinds of muffins – Morning Glory. They are delicious and so I thought I would share the recipe with all of you.

2 cups flour

1 1/4 cup sugar

2 tsp. baking soda

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

2 cups grated carrots

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup chopped nuts

1 peeled grated apple

1 cup vegetable oil

3 eggs

2 tsp. vanilla

Mix first nine ingredients together, then add the last three. Bake at 350 for 25 min. Makes about 2 dozen muffins.

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Things you never knew you needed – 10/29

I’ve been feeling a little off today, and couldn’t really think of anything I wanted to blog about. I did miss my post on Wednesday though, and don’t like to skip two in one week. Luckily, I stumbled upon this.

Have you ever thought about having your pet’s portrait taken? Maybe to celebrate a birthday, or possibly obedience school graduation? Well, here is a place that lets you do just that. I’m calling right now to book an appointment. Maybe my cats will be as excited about this adventure as the cat featured here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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All About Bear – 10/28

Yesterday we went over to Sears to get some pictures taken. They were offering a free portrait collage and no sitting fee, so off we went! We got our collage of the girls in their Halloween costumes that I made, and they were so cute. Bear, being our “free smiler” as I call her, was very cooperative and gave lots of cute smiles. I don’t want to say she is more social because she doesn’t really like strangers (or sometimes grandparents right at first) but she is willing to open up more quickly and will smile at very small things. Bean is much more reserved and will make you work much harder for a smile.

I mentioned on Monday that we adjusted the girls’ bedtime schedule and that Lissie was thriving on the new bedtime. The Bear, however, has not adjusted quite as well. She has been waking up in the middle of the night but when she wakes up she is awake. Talking, smiling, ready to play. I don’t want her to think 2am is playtime, so when she does wake up we pull her out of the crib (so Bean can keep sleeping) and bring her out to the couch. We lay there… in the dark… and let her talk and squirm until she is ready to go back to sleep. This usually takes about an hour. Although last night she only woke up to eat and went right back to sleep. Let’s hope that continues!

She discovered her new favorite food – sweet potatoes. I picked them up at the orchard and baked them for the girls. They loved them right away! I am told their Uncle Pat loves them also, so maybe he will give me a couple good recipes using them. Right now she is playing quietly be herself while her sister finishes napping. She has a little book in her Elmo Walker. She is too cute wearing her little hat her Grandma Jo made her.

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I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy – 10/26

O.k. I seriously think I need to change the day I write this blog. Russell keeps doing really great things for me on the days I am supposed to write it. Today he got up early and let me sleep in (I had been up from about 3:30-5:30) and he came home from work tonight on his lunch break and spent almost all of his break helping me feed and put the girls down. What a great guy.

I did the laundry today and for the first time in a couple of weeks we had a completely empty hamper. Those are the best kind of days because it means it is the most amount of time before I have to do laundry again. 🙂 Anyways, I was feeling very happy about my empty hamper and then as I was passing by it this afternoon I saw something that first annoyed me, and then made me laugh “This must be a joke.” I said to myself. One of Russell’s shirts was barely hanging over the edge of the hamper. Not almost all the way in… almost all the way OUT. It has to be a joke. He knows I am writing my blog about him today and he is trying to be funny after last week’s post. Right? No. ” It was dark” he says “I couldn’t see.” This is what I have to live with…

Enough about last week’s post. Tonight I am going to complain about something that has come up a lot recently. Have you ever used one of those stand up cheese graters? Well we have one and it has one side that allows you to make slices instead of shredded cheese. Russell will pull out the grater and use it every time he wants a piece of cheese. Now I have this whole grater taking up room, sitting in my sink, that I have to wash all because he wanted two slices of cheese. I am not unreasonable… I could see using this feature if you were cutting an entire platter of cheese, but for just two slices couldn’t you use just a regular old knife? Come on! It drives me crazy!!!

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All About Bean – 10/25

I have some wonderful news! Last week I mentioned Bean had been skipping her afternoon/early evening nap and was very cranky before going to bed. So we decided to push back the girls’ bedtime to 7pm and … here is the great news… it worked! Bean used to wake up sometimes six or eight times in a night just to fall back asleep as soon as we picked her up. Since we adjusted her bedtime that has almost completely gone out the window. Last night she only woke up once after we put her down and other than that she slept from 7:30pm – 7:30am! Way to go Bean!!

We are still waiting for that new tooth to cut, and I believe it will be any day now. She is handling it very well, except giving us a little trouble when it comes to eating her solid foods. She is usually just a stellar eater, but lately she seems uninterested and will even push the food out of her mouth.

I pulled out some Little Tikes push and ride walkers that I had gotten when a day care closed a few months ago. Kylie has been more interested in standing behind them, but Lissie absolutely loves sitting on it. Her legs aren’t quite long enough to scoot herself yet, but she loves to be pushed around.  She is such a little sweetheart. One of her new favorite activities is climbing all over us. (Especially me since she is a momma’s girl all the way). It is fun to have her have that desire to be close to us and the ability to make it happen.

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Why did God choose me to be a mother of twins?

Someone posted this is one of my twins groups and I just loved it, so I am borrowing it for today’s post.

There’s two to wash, there’s two to dry;

There’s two who argue, there’s two who cry.

One’s in the mud, having a ball; The other holds a crayon… marking on the wall.

Some days seem endless, My patience grows thin.

Why did God choose me to be a mother of twins?

The answer comes clear- at the end of the day, as I tuck them in bed and to myself say,

There’s two to kiss, there’s two to hug; and best of all there’s two to love.

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Classic kid’s toys

I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to most things. I am not a big fan of the leapfrog books where kids touch the word with the pen and it reads it to them. (Why wouldn’t I just read to my kids?) I love the classic baby and kid’s toys that have been around for years. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

Baby Key Ring

I had to look forever to find this toy, and when I did find it I paid $1.29 for it. My girls absolutely love it.


Yard Sale find- $3.00

Staking Rings

a shower gift, and a BIG hit with my girls

Shape Sorter

Maybe some of my cousins will remember our uncles competing over who complete this the fastest – blindfolded.


Play Kitchen

with a healthy batch of Play Food

What would you add to this list, and what were your favorite toys growing up?

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Traveling with twins takes A LOT of planning – part one

My husband’s brother is getting married in Houston in March and it will be the first time we are flying anywhere with the girls. This poses some logistical questions about travel. Do we buy them their own seats on the plane, or attempt to make the journey with them in our laps? Do we buy disposable diapers while we are there, or travel with our cloth and find a way to wash them in Houston? How much luggage can we actually take with us??

I began to research baby rental sites for things we will need such as a crib or pack and play, and of course two car seats. These companies were easy to find, and actually are very convenient, even able to meet you at the airport to deliver most items. Here is a link I found in case you are interested in checking them out.

However, as I was pricing just these three items (play yard and two car seats) I started to wonder how good of a price it actually was. I found that the car seats for 22-40 pound babies were $10/day. Great, except two of those for multiple days add up quickly. Two car seats, plus one play yard, plus delivery fees and tax turned out to be $159.13 for just 3 days.

Since we recently bought their next stage car seats I know for a fact that you can get good toddler car seats BRAND NEW for less than $50. Since my in-laws live in Waco and might possibly just be driving down to Houston for the wedding I started wondering if maybe we would be better off to just buy new seats for the girls and leave them in Waco. If we made even one trip there before they outgrew the seats it would be a better deal. So I started checking around. I found this car seat on sale at Sears, for only $35 and it lasts up to 80 pounds! And this play yard also new for $35. The total for these items plus tax and shipping was $131.15. For less than a 3 day rental, we could have all three items to keep and use for years to come.

The lesson learned? Always do your research!

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They kinda look like the mailman – the RESULTS!

A couple days ago I posted a picture of the girls, and a few of my husband and I and asked you all to vote on who they look like. Now that I think everyone who will vote, has I am posting the results.


53.33% Think they look like Russell

46.67% Think they look like me

… and we have one request for a picture of the mailman – for comparison.

Thanks to everyone who voted and left comments. It was really interesting to see what you all thought and I must say I am very surprised the votes were so close! I guess we’ll have to wait and see as they grow up if they shift one way or the other.

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