Dresses for my girls

Recently, while my mother in law was in town we worked on a dress I wanted to make for my girls. I learned how to use basting tape and all sorts of fun things. We made the cupcake dress together, and I made the maroon one by myself the next week. My husband kindly pointed out the colors make it look like hospital scrubs, but I think it is cute none the less. They should fit them in roughly 5-6 months, so they are long sleeve and flannel. My next project will be to make matching diaper covers!

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Gifts for the Hellar kiddos

One of my best friends Erin is having a baby boy (Desmond) here in a couple weeks. I decided, since I have been enjoying sewing so much recently, to make him and his big sister (Aubrey) a few gifts. Des got a basic baby quilt and Bree got a big sister dress. Although the dress ended up being way to big for her, she’ll get to enjoy it sometime in the future. I guess too big is at least better than too small!

Aubrey's dress

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Homemade Baby Food

As you might have gathered by now I do try to do things as natural as possible for my girls, and that includes making their baby food at home. Alongside with using cloth diapers I believe this is one of the best things you can do to give a child a healthy start to life. It is simple, inexpensive and the benefits far outweigh the effort. By making all our own baby food I know exactly what my children are getting (no added sugars, preservatives, etc).  I use this website as a guide- http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ It has tons of great information about when and how to introduce solid foods, how to cook and store the foods, and the nutrients contained in each food. It is a great website.  Making baby food is also much less expensive than buying those premade baby foods. For example- I picked up some butternut squash on sale at my grocery store. It was already cut and cubed ready to cook, for .82 cents. I bought two bags ($1.64). It made over 50 servings. That is .03 a serving! The average price I have seen for store bought baby food is $1.29 for a two pack. Even if you were to pre-split this package into four servings that is .32 cents a serving. 10 times as expensive! Pre-splitting is important because once a baby starts to eat from a container any unused portion must be thrown out due to bacteria in the baby’s mouth.  Using ice cube trays to freeze food yields about 1- 1.5 ounce servings… especially helpful when baby is just starting solid foods and won’t eat as much. Most people wouldn’t need to buy any special equipment to make baby food either. I use a pot (when steaming or boiling), pan (for baking or roasting), a food processor (a blender would also work) and ice cube trays. Here are some pictures of the process.

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