Children’s Books, What Are You Doing?

I’ve posted before about some weird things I’ve found in some of the girls books. Like this one here. And it should be pretty obvious to anyone who reads nursery rhymes that there is some seriously weird stuff out there.  I know they all have like hidden meanings and propaganda against the king of England or something, but why are we continuing to read these to our kids? Without further ado…


So… why?

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Is This Really Necessary?

I know I am going to get a few people finding my blog by some very weird web searches after this post, but I made a commitment to blog about my crazy life and here is just one more thing.

My girls love books. They always have. Wyatt is starting to follow in their footsteps as well. So whenever people find books at yard sales or anything they pick them up for our kids. Recently they got a few new bags of books and one of them included one titled “The Difficult Day” written by Joy Cowley and illustrated by Jan van der Voo. It is a book about a little girl who is having a hard day. Great, fine, whatever. That’s not my point. One time I was reading it and realized the artwork was a little more detailed than I found necessary.

So I ask you… does the cat really need a butt-hole? Oh, and it doesn’t just make one appearance.

Any time that poor cat is facing the wrong way he is violated!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, check out the back cover.

Seriously, Jan van der Voo? Come on. Was that really necessary?

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Have You Heard?

About Elkbar?

Elkbar is an extraordinary penguin. He has cool gadgets like a rocket pack, a refrigerator ray, and a digital watch. The problem is that because he’s got these amazing gadgets (you may not think a digital watch is all that cool, but remember… he is a penguin!) and so the other penguins are jealous and aren’t very nice to him. So Elkbar decides to make the journey to “Really Big Mountain” to get some advice on how to make the other penguins like him from “The great and powerful Fargo Roberts, Wise Moose of the Far East.” He meets some obstacles along the way, and even bigger ones when he finally reaches his home of Penguintonia. Can he save the day from “the Great and Powerful Bob the Robo-Lyon”?


You’ll just have to wait to find out.

This is a child’s book written by a friend of mine, Taylor Mosbey. The awesome artwork is by Chris Fason. It is creative and funny (to both kids and adults) and needs help to get published. So do me a favor and go check out these links. You can check out his Facebook by clicking here, OR go and make a pledge on his Kickstarter account. There you can learn more about this extraordinary penguin and how he came to be. By pledging as little as $5 you can receive Elkbar pins, a poem written about you (by the author of the book) or a digital copy of the book. Other pledges can get you paperback copies, even signed by the author and artist, original artwork, and you can even name a penguin in the book! Pretty cool. (Pledges are deducted only if they reach their goal) So check them out, and throw a little support to a new dad. Oh ya, did I mention the author just had a son? Pretty cute too. Maybe you could make a donation just because his baby is cool.

Ya, I thought so.

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Goodnight Womb?

While I was pregnant with the girls Russell read to them almost every night. Before they even had ears to hear. But from the very moment they could hear he wanted them to know his voice. And he was rewarded for that by the obvious comfort they received from having him with them in the NICU. I was unable to be there for them the first day and a half of their lives and it was such a blessing that the girls could recognize their Daddy during that time.

He has continued this tradition with Sprout over the past few months. One night he was reading the popular bedtime book Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown, and it suddenly occurred to me how funny this actually was. Here Russell was reading about a telephone, a clock, a red balloon, socks, a mouse, a brush, mittens, etc. and our little Sprout has NO idea what any of that stuff is. He or she has no concept of anything beyond their nice little watery bubble.

So maybe we need to make up a new story, one Sprout can relate to. I think it should be called “Goodnight Womb”.

It does pose a few problems though as not much rhymes with “placenta”, “amniotic fluid”, and “umbilical cord”.

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Ya, I’ll Give That A Try

A little while ago when Borders started going out of business my mom went over and picked up some books for us at a discounted price. One book is called The Toddler’s Busy Book, by Trish Kuffner. It has tons of ideas for activities and games to keep your toddler busy, and is designed specifically for ages 1 1/2- 3 years old. Perfect timing for our girls. I have dog eared quite a few pages in the book for things I’d like to try with the munchkins.

One entry I read last night didn’t quite make the list. It was talking about building your child’s confidence in climbing by allowing them to climb around on some pillows on the floor. Then it said this “For older toddlers*, stack the cushions up like stairs against the couch and let him practice climbing up and down.”

* For OLDER toddlers? Let me remind you this book aims activities for 1 1/2 to 3 year olds.

Secondly, building my daughters’ confidence in climbing is about the last thing I want to do. These kids are already too confident for their own good!

Let’s remember…

Alyssa @ 9 months

Kylie @ 9 months

Kylie @ one year

Alyssa @ one year

Kylie @ 13 months

Alyssa @ 16 months

Kylie @ 16 months

Alyssa @ (almost) 17 months

Alyssa @ (almost) 17 months

Girls @ 17 months

Ya… I think we may be a step or two beyond pillows and the couch.

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The Quiet

Every parent knows about “the quiet”.

I’m not talking about after bed when the house is silent and you can finally sit back and relax. I’m talking about the moment that your kids are awake and you realize things have gotten too quiet.

In this house that usually means I will find the girls on top of something WAY too high.

Last night about 10 minutes before bedtime, I was getting things ready and I heard something that made me very nervous. Silence. So I ran into the living room to see what exactly my kids were getting into. (or onto!) And to my great surprise and delight I found that they were not in trouble at all. They were simply enjoying a little quiet time with their books.

What sweet little munchkins!

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How Many Books?!?

A while ago I read a blog post that talked about money saving ideas, and specifically tips for getting children’s books cheap. Thrown into the middle of this was a fact I thought could use a little more discussion. Check out what it said: “Additionally, researchers have found that children growing up with 500+ books in the home go on to more years of education, no matter the level of education of the parents.” 

I’m sorry, what?

I thought we had a good collection of books for the girls… but 500? We are not even close. So I am wondering, how many people have that many books? We sure didn’t when I was a kid. Is this something the average person can actually accomplish for their children? Granted, our girls are only one and I am sure we will collect plenty of new books for them over the years, but that number still seems a little bit outrageous to me.

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From time to time I like to highlight some of our family’s favorite books. Last night for story time I read the girls Corduroy by Don Freeman. This is an oldie but a goodie. It was read to me when I was little, and I had completely forgotten about it until I was pregnant. We were visiting Russell’s family in Texas and they had a bunch of the boys old books on a shelf in the room where we were staying. During my pregnancy Russell had read to the babies every night and so he picked up a book off the shelf to read to them. Corduroy. As he started reading I was like “Hey, I remember this!” Months and months later when his parents were visiting us here in Vegas they stopped by the bookstore and picked up a few new books for the girls. Corduroy was one of them.

It is a very cute story about a little stuffed bear named Corduroy, who is waiting for someone to come to the department store and take him home. But when he discovers he is less then desirable due to a missing button he goes on a search to find it after the store closes. In the end he is chosen by a little girl who loves him just the way he is, and brings him home.

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30 Day Challenge, Day 4!

A favorite book

Finally! A topic I have just one answer for. You never thought it would happen, did you? Well, it turns out I don’t really like reading very much so I have not racked up a huge collection of favorite books. While I do have a few I will read over and over again, nothing compares to my first (book) love.

Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown

I can’t tell you how many times I have read this book. What a page turner.

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Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones

As I said in an earlier post, I wanted to highlight a couple of books that are our family’s favorites. Tonight that book is Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones by Claire Freedman. This one is very special to me because it is one of two books we read to the girls every night they spent in the NICU. I still know it by heart and will recite it to the girls if I am having trouble getting them to fall asleep. It has a beautiful rhythm as it tells about all the baby animals snuggling up at night.

My sweet husband would change some of the words when he read to them in the hospital. For example a line that is supposed to read “They snuggled together, all tired, tangled paws.” He changed it to “tired, tangled wires.” (And for anyone who has had a NICU baby- you know what he means!) We also changed the last line of the book to “Snuggle up, Sleepy Twins”… They always did, and they still do!

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