On our trip to California my mom and I spent just a few minutes going through some family items in her cedar chest. One of these things was my great grandmother’s wedding dress. What a treasure!

July 2013 393

Here is their wedding photo, with her in this dress. Carl Mikkelsen and Johanna Andersen, married May 7, 1913. It’s amazing, she wore this dress 100 years ago!

Andersen Mikkelsen wedding0001

Years ago, before my own wedding my mom and I had gone to visit my grandmother. At that time I was able to try on both of my mom’s wedding dresses, my grandmother’s dress, and this very dress. I thought it was cool then, and that’s before I even got interested in my ancestry. I still remember that very special day with two of my favorite people in the world.

mom's pics 042


Apples & Pumpkins

This morning we visited our local orchard and did a bit of apple picking and pumpkin choosing. At first the only apples we saw were too squishy, brown, or all around yucky. But we quickly figured out a few tricks and ending up bring home pounds and pounds of granny smith apples. (Yes I have a plan for all that fruit!)

Then we threw kids in a stroller and a wagon and headed down to pick out pumpkins.

Since we went towards the end of the month the choices were not as abundant, but we found a few winners. Alyssa was desperate to find a little pumpkin and most were too big for her taste. We did tell her we could buy a little tiny one at the grocery store but she kept searching. In the end she did find one that made her little heart happy.

Kylie was easily persuaded into a simple pumpkin with some green spots on it.

Before we left we spent a little time in a hay maze. Last year the girls were too scared to go in, even with Russell, but this year they were a little braver. They didn’t quite get the concept and just wanted to climb over the bails. Surprise, surprise.

It was a fun morning that we were happy to share with my parents who were visiting. We tried taking a family picture, but with three little kids it didn’t go as easily as this Momma would have liked.

My little loves…

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Who Is Who?

Here is a little cheat sheet for everyone to help keep track of who is who around here. I should also mention that the girls talk about themselves in the third person. I think it might be because they are twins and it is their way of identifying who they are talking about, but it also could be because that darn Elmo does it too. Who knows?!

Russell: Daddy

Me (Anina): Mommy

Alyssa: Lissie, Lissa or Sissy (sister)

Kylie: Ky-ya, Ky-dy or Sissy (sister)

Wyatt: Baby Wyatt or just Wyatt

Tank: Tanky. Also poor Tank has gotten the nickname “Poopy Cat” for reasons unknown

Leila: Monster (we gave her this nickname years ago and it has stuck for the girls. Leila is also pronounced Ye-Ya.

Rusty: Doggie or sometimes Rusty

Russell’s parents: Grandma and Grandpa. Commonly becomes one word “GrandmaGrandpa”

My dad and step-mom: Opa and Jo-Jo (also sometimes Grandma Jo)

My mom and step-dad: Grammy and Grampy. Mostly Gammy and Gampy actually.

AND since they are identical twins and people always want to know how we tell them apart, I thought I would see if anyone was brave enough to guess who is pictured here:

And this one?

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Together Forever

These three will always have each other.

That makes it all worth it.

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Bye Bye

Since we don’t live near any family the girls have gotten accustomed to Skype. It is a wonderful way for them to see and talk to their grandparents when they would not be able to otherwise. They always start out a little quiet and shy, but usually open up pretty quickly.

And by the end…


They even give hugs.



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Start Them Young

This past weekend my Dad, step-mom and cousin came over from southern California to visit. This side of my family has some strong traditions, one of those being Pinochle. And as with all important family traditions, they must be nurtured from a young age!

Jo Jo and Lissie

Opa and Kylie

And to complete the Modugno family experience, the girls enjoyed some loquats while they played.

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Hugs And Love

There has been a whole lot of love going on around here lately. One day the girls insisted I take about 100 pictures of them hugging. It was so cute. here are just a few:


And the little man better get used to girls hanging all over him, because if his big sisters can’t get enough just wait until he gets to high school!

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It is official! I am now a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution!

Many of you are aware of my love of early American history, especially around the foundation of America. It is true 1776 is one of my favorite movies. (A musical about the writing/signing of the Declaration of Independence.) It is true before I got married I had an American flag hanging in my living room. AND a copy of the Declaration of Independence, AND a poster of the presidents of the United States. It is true that I have owned not one, but two copies of an interactive presidents quiz game. ( The first one melted on my drive to TX in 2003)

So, you can probably imagine how excited I am to tell you that my great great great great great great great great grandfather (that is 7 greats!) served as a solider in the Continental Army. He was 19.

John See enlisted from Greenbrier County, VA in 1776, served as a Private for one year under Captain Arbuckle, and for three years under Capitains Lapsley and Breckenridge. He was in the battles of Germantown, Monmouth and Stoney Point. On September 29th, 1832 at the age of 73 years old, while residing in Henry County, Indiana, he applied for a pension, which was granted.

The DAR was founded in 1890 to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. It has had more than 890,000 members join since it was founded. One must be able to prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution to be able to join. She also has to be at least 18 years of age. (There is the Children of the American Revolution for those under 18, and the Sons of the American Revolution for men.)

Also, if you haven’t seen the internet series I Made America you are missing out. This is not very historically accurate, but it is really very funny. It is about 6 founding fathers (Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin, Washington and Adams) who were time traveled to 2012. They do not react as you might except and end up having to find jobs at coffee shops and as musicians in bars. Also, Franklin discovers pop tarts.

They Catch On Quick

Wyatt is less than a week old, and has only been home a few days, but that doesn’t stop the girls from learning (quickly!) about him and our whole family’s new routine. Just this morning they were in their high chairs eating breakfast and I was feeding Wyatt on the couch. Alyssa, completely by her own observation, said “Baby hungry. Momma help Wyatt.”

I am so proud of my big girls!


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