Along with discovering his ability to move around in the walker, my son is also learning the frustrations of getting himself stuck in a corner.

And the joys of having his mama there to rescue him.

It’s o.k. buddy, I got you.

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My First Quilt

The first quilt I ever made was not for my son. It wasn’t for one of my daughters either.

It wasn’t a baby shower gift for a friend of mine. In fact, I have no idea who it will go to.

I do know she will be sick. I know she will be in the hospital for one reason or another.

I know this because I made it for Quilts for Kids.

And for the little girl who chooses my quilt, I hope it will help add a little smile to her face.

Quilts for Kids depends on volunteers to sew patchwork quilts which are then distributed to hospitals to comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse. Can you sew? Do you have a little time you would be willing to donate? (I made my first quilt in a little less than two days, with all three of my kids around!) You don’t even have to buy or cut the fabric yourself. Quilts for Kids will mail you a quilt kit with the fabric already cut. Yes, you read that right! All you have to do it sew it, add the batting, and mail it back. Easy Peasy! And think of the how much it will mean to a little boy or girl who is stuck in a hospital bed.

Here is the link for your FREE quilt kit.

If you have extra fabric laying around, or prefer to purchase the fabric yourself here is a link with patterns and yardage for quilts they can accept. (No fleece or hand tied quilts as they can get caught on IVs) If you have never quilted before no worries! The four patch quilt is super easy and the kit comes with instructions. I do know I will be making many more quilts for them over the years.


You might remember just four days ago I posted a picture where it was nearly 120 at our house.

Well, last night was quite different. A storm came through town. Lightening and thunder that knocked out power, shook windows and set off car alarms, rain (that made us wonder if our house might flood) and HAIL.

Greetings from Las Vegas in July! That is hail hitting the standing water collecting right outside our front door.

Our backyard after the storm had passed.

We did lose power, but for less than a minute. And although the thunder and hail was super loud and scared the bajeebees out of our pets, amazingly all the kids slept right through it. Probably better that way. Hopefully everyone stayed safe and was able to just enjoy a rare storm in Vegas.

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Some people think I have OCD, or “the OC disorder” (don’t call it that)*, but I like to think of it as just organized. A few months ago we took the girls to a family reunion and had to stay in a hotel. We were in multiple rooms, plus a bigger community room and our stuff was everywhere. When it came time to leave we searched around and had a difficult time even remembering all the toys, books, stuffed animals we had brought with us. We needed a different plan. On the way home I had a stoke of genius and asked Russell if he would think I was crazy if I made tote bags with a small window attached that would allow index cards to be slid in. A list of what was in the bag could be made each time and checked off before coming home. To my surprise he didn’t make fun of me at all, he thought it was a great idea!

I came home and got started. I bought heavy weight fabric in a few fun patterns and made a few different sized bags. I seriously think these are so awesome. The first time we used one was when I was in the hospital with Wyatt. We had a bag of stuff to entertain the girls while they visited, and guess what? Nothing got left behind.

This past we visited family in southern California and took all of our bags this time. There were bags of  all the kids clothes, toys & books, and bathroom stuff. It made coming home so easy because I knew we hadn’t forgotten anything. I even knew we had lost a pair of shorts and was able to rescue it from the dryer there.

After I made sure everything was accounted for I put the laundry together in one bag and flipped the card over and wrote “dirty” on it to keep things straight. So you might think I am OCD, or a little crazy, or maybe you agree and think I am brilliant.

– If you do think this idea is genius and would like some of these bags yourself leave a comment or shoot me an email, I’d be happy to make some for you!-

*Any Arrested Development fans out there?

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Summer In Las Vegas

Ya, It’s no joke.

I took this one yesterday afternoon…

And I had to include this one from last night at almost 11pm. Yep, it is still almost 100 even at night.

So, who is ready to plan their visit??

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They have their own style, and that is perfectly fine.

But someday these girls will be in high school (or possibly middle school) and this picture will resurface. And I will enjoy that day very much.

Especially this one of Kylie.

Oh, Lordy. Sometimes that girl is her mother’s daughter.

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Oh What A Night

I might have mentioned it, but many of you know we were gone this past week. Russell was gifted 6 consecutive days off for Independence Day, and so we packed up and took off to southern California where we have lots of family. It was our first road trip with all three, and overall went really great. We had at least one hour in the car where the girls cried, fought over books, screamed, and kicked each other pretty much the whole time. It was also the very first hour of the trip. Luckily things did get better over time.

Fast forward to yesterday. We got up, ate breakfast, packed the car and headed home. We arrived just about 4pm, did a little unpacking and then made our weekly trip to Cici’s. It worked out perfect since there is practically no food in the house since we were gone for a week. After dinner we went by our friend’s house to pick up Rusty. By this time is about 6:40. Time to start getting ready for bed (for the kids…) We are ALL ready for it since we have been traveling and skipping naps left and right. Little Man was also getting pretty hungry himself since he isn’t quite old enough to enjoy Cici’s yet. 🙂 We had not even pulled into the driveway yet and we notice our neighbor at our front door.

The power is out, he said.

For some, that might not seem so bad, but when it is 115 out and only cools down to about 95 at night, no power is not a good thing. No AC, no fans circulating air. Just HOT. And it is not just our houses, our street, or even our neighborhood. It is a whole big section of town. We sat on hold with the power company until after the girls’ bedtime, but then decided we couldn’t hold bed time any longer, and we definitely couldn’t ask them to sleep in the heat.

Long story short, we packed two adults, three kids and four pets into the cars and heading to a nearby hotel. It was a long drive with very tired (and one hungry) little ones in the backseat, especially since the streetlights were not working and drivers seemed to have no idea how to take turns at the intersections. Finally, we got checked in, kids upstairs and I began feeding Wyatt and reading a bedtime story to the girls. Just as Russell was bringing the last of the pets upstairs our neighbor called to say the power was back on.


Well, since by this time it was almost an hour after bedtime and we had already paid for the room we decided to just stay at the hotel that night. Either way it was just a perfect thing to come home to after a long trip. (Insert sarcasm here)

Tank checking things out

Leila supervising

snuggled up

morning after

And what did Wyatt think about his first time in a hotel??

Works for me!

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As Courteous As Poop Gets

Yesterday our cat Leila “Monster” apparently thought she was locked out of our room (where the little box is kept). She wasn’t really, but I guess that is besides the point. So, she decided that she couldn’t wait any longer and found a place to relieve herself.

Amazingly, she went into the kid’s bathroom… knocked a diaper off the drying rack, into the bathtub… and pooped IN THE DIAPER.

I mean, it was still another poop I had to clean up, but seriously… thanks for the effort, Leila!

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Four Month Check-Up & Stats

I had scheduled Wyatt’s appointment today for what is usually Russell’s day off. BUT a last minute change of schedule (which also allowed him to have 6 days off in a row!) required him to work today. I did try to change the appointment, but our doctor is pretty busy and the next available wasn’t until the end of July. Alright, I can roll with the punches. I’ll just take the kids myself, I said. I have been out with them alone before, albeit only to Target or the craft store. Getting everyone dressed, fed, changed and out the door for an appointment is a little bit more difficult than just going at our own pace. AND it fell right at lunch/nap time for all three of them. Needless to say, things were a little hectic this morning. I packed some food and books for the girls, diapers and all the other usual necessities, and my medical binder for the kids that stores all the important information. About 10 minutes before I needed to start loading the kids into the car I still had to change diapers, get the girls dressed, change and feed Wyatt and get the girls to clean up a little. Somewhere in running around trying to get ready I hurt my toe. I think it got caught under one of the high chairs, but I can’t remember. Honestly at some point I was just like “Wow, that really hurts.” I figured I had just jammed it. Well, we got out the door and got to the doctor’s office pretty much right on time. I threw the girls into the stroller, and Wyatt into the pack and hobbled my way to the office. Of course with a middle of the day appointment we had to wait almost 45 minutes to be seen, but the kids did great. The girls climbed and played and watched some TV (a rarity) and Wyatt cried a bit and then fell asleep. Once we got called back we weighed and measured Wyatt while the girls checked out the new books in the exam room.  The doctor came in and checked him out- he looks great! All good things, “see you in two months”. Sounds great. The nurse came in and gave him his shots, he cried but the second I picked him up he was totally fine. What a big boy. The girls were concerned, but happy to see him feeling better so quickly. We loaded everyone back into their places (with the girls switching spots in the stroller and car seats of course) and came home. A quick lunch and into bed they went. Wyatt crashed on the floor only minutes after getting home. Poor little guy! After getting home my toe was still really sore, and when I finally got time to look at it, it is most definitely broken. Bruised, and sore all around and in between it and its buddy. Oh well, mostly successful. And not bad for a first try!

Here are Little Man’s four month stats:

Weight: 18 pounds 2 ounces- 95th percentile! (the doctor told me most one year old’s weigh between 20-22 pounds)

Height: 25 1/2 inches- 75th percentile (the same as the girls @ 6 months)

Head circumference: 41 cm- 25th percentile

All in all he looks like he is going to be a big healthy boy! We are so blessed.

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Four Months

Four months since the Little Man was born.

Four months since the girls have been big sisters.

Four months since we were just a family for four.

Four months since one of the best things ever happened to us.

Happy four months to my favorite little guy!

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