Come ON!

The girls have been needing new diaper covers for a little while. We change a lot of diapers around here, so maybe we go through covers twice as fast… who knows why. Anyways, today I finally ordered some new covers and wet bags and I was really excited about what I found. We had originally wanted to go to a store here in town and help support local business, but wouldn’t you know it? They are closed Sunday and Monday. Yes. Both of Russell’s days off, and the only time I have access to a car. So I bought online. I did have to go to a different website than I normally use to find the patterns/sizes I wanted, but in the end I was pleased.


I checked my facebook tonight and saw that Thirsties just released a new pattern. An OWL pattern. Our girls are totally obsessed with owls! And it is SO cute. Check it out!

Can you believe the timing on this… Come on!

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Time To Upgrade?

I recently had to buy Quicken for our computer for my new position as Treasurer of LVMoMs. A bonus to this is that Russell and I have been talking about getting it for ourselves anyways.

You see, our computer is a little old. As in, my brother gave it to me way back in 2003… and it was used then, old.

It has an old version of Microsoft Money, which we have been using to keep track of all our money stuff for the past few years. Anyways, Microsoft Money had pretty much been discontinued and in order to keep all of our finances in order when we do end up getting a new computer- we’d have to switch to Quicken anyways. So today I spent a little time trying to transfer all our accounts from Money into Quicken.

Luckily, Quicken has an easy import feature which can do this transfer for you.

Not so lucky, it only works with Microsoft Money 2007 and 2008.  And which version do we have? 2001.

Not. Even. Close.

In the end I did find a solution by downloading a 60 day trial of a newer version of Money and was able to get everything moved over without having to manually input every detail of every account. It does bring up the question though…

Is it time for a new computer?

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We’ve missed you! Even though our Mommy is never online anymore and rarely has time to blog, we wanted to let you know we are still o.k.! Everyone is alive, happy and as wild as always. Just in case you have missed us too, here is a new picture from each of us.

-Alyssa and Kylie




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The Quiet

Every parent knows about “the quiet”.

I’m not talking about after bed when the house is silent and you can finally sit back and relax. I’m talking about the moment that your kids are awake and you realize things have gotten too quiet.

In this house that usually means I will find the girls on top of something WAY too high.

Last night about 10 minutes before bedtime, I was getting things ready and I heard something that made me very nervous. Silence. So I ran into the living room to see what exactly my kids were getting into. (or onto!) And to my great surprise and delight I found that they were not in trouble at all. They were simply enjoying a little quiet time with their books.

What sweet little munchkins!

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Thanks for the rain this morning, Las Vegas! We enjoyed it!

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You Are Correct Sir

This morning Russell found a couple pictures of the girls I had saved on the desktop from a recent photo shoot at JCPenny. Apparently he thought their hair looked longer than it normally is and he asked me if I photo-shopped the images to give them extra hair.

Yes. That is exactly what happened. Because with two 18 month olds I totally have that kind of time on my hands.

(please insert sarcasm font)

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Things To Remember

Note to self:

  • When family is visiting, you never have time to blog. Next time set some blogs to post ahead of time.
  • It is 2011, not 2010. This didn’t happen recently, it’s time to get with the program. Stop writing 2010 on things.

  • You live in Las Vegas and it is hot. Do not leave candles outside unless you want them to melt.

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