A Glimpse Into My Past

Russell and I are going through the garage and found the box of our old yearbooks. I’ve been reading what people wrote to me, and let me tell you there are some treasures there. Freshman and sophomore year everything was dominated by a lot of “Watz up” (but actually with an arrow pointing up) and the word “kewl.” Wow, we were so NOT cool back then. There were a couple that I wanted to share in their entirety, but I will leave out the people’s name in case I am still friends with them today.

“I remember like earlier this year, I think, **** introduced us and I thought you had a weird name. But that’s not important. The important part is that I really had no idea how cool you are. And then I remember seeing you at Great America, don’t know when, and you and ### were being all weird but cool. “

Not sure how much of that is a compliment…

“I just want to say thanks. Thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me. Even though sometimes I think you hate me! Haha. Only because you look @ me weird. šŸ™‚ But that’s o.k.”

O.k. some things never change.

And my personal favorite:

“It’s been unusual having you here. When I needed someone a little different to talk to I could always count on you.”

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Blood Donation, TV and Dating

Yesterday when I was waiting to donate blood I flipped the pages of a magazine and occasionally glanced over at the TV. We do own a television at home and use it to watch movies and shows on DVD, but we have not had even basic cable in about three years. This certainly limits the amount of time I spend watching commercials. And as an outsider, let me tell you… something weird has happened. Once it was just Match.com and eHarmony. Now there are things like ChristianMingle.com and other dating sites to help further narrow it down to people of your own religion. And yesterday I was introduced to a whole new breed of online matchmaking.

FarmersOnly.com –A website dedicated only to “farmers, ranchers and country dwellers.”

I remember back when Saturday Night Live was really funny. (You know, when the monologue was actually a MONO-logue) Well, they used to do commercial spoofs like this one. That’s what I felt like I was watching yesterday. Seriosuly, what does SNL have left too spoof when the real world comes up with things like “You don’t have to be lonely with Farmers Only”?

So of course I had to come home and check it out. Their trademarked slogan is “City folks just don’t get it!” And their site claims the rest of the country “revolves around four dollar cups of coffee, taxi cabs, blue suits, and getting ahead at all costs in the corporate world” (So maybe FarmersOnly is for me since I am clearly not in that group!) The part I find really confusing is: if you are a farmer/rancher you probably live in a rural sort of area. You probably know the other farmers/ranchers around you. If you have not already met someone who interests you, there just might not be anyone nearby for you. Secondly, say you go sign up and meet your soul-mate. Yay! Except, you live in Texas and they live in Iowa. Now one of you needs to give up your ranch that you love so much and move.

Have I just been out of the loop too long, or is this getting a little out of hand?

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Barbie Awesomeness

Tomorrow my girls turn three. Instead of a sappy post about how fast time passes (it does though!) tonight I am choosing to share with you a blast from my Barbie past.

We gave the girls some of my old barbie stuff for christmas. Two dolls each and two outfits each, just to see if they had any interest in them. Well they do, so tonight I once again pulled out my storage box of barbie awesomeness. Yes, I am a child of the 80’s and *ahem* my stuff can sometimes reflect that.

Take for example this Shannen Doherty, aka Brenda Walsh, doll. Complete with acid washed denim top and bottom.

barbie 001

And if that wasn’t enough, check out the size of her TV set. Remote? No way, this thing still has knobs.

barbie 008

But at least my barbies were hip walking around with their boom box.

barbie 006

Oh yes, and it takes batteries and that button on the front makes it play real music. I can’t wait to hear what kind of tunes Brenda likes to jam to.

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The Boyfriend Pillow

I don’t even know how to introduce you to today’s find, so I’ll just drive right in.

The boyfriend pillow.

This is about the saddest thing I have ever seen. It is a pillow, shaped like a man’s torso for women to curl up with and pretend that a man is holding them. I’m guessing if your life is so bad that you need one of these pillows, the fact that you curl up with it is only gonna make things worse.

Even though the company that makes is not a gag company (also listed are other types of support pillows, step-stools, back support cushions and acupressure therapy mats) I think this can only be a joke, and reading some of the reviews does not help me convince me otherwise. Are there really people out there like this??

“With the boyfriend arm pillow (I named mine Captain Jack, in honor of Johnny Depp’s sexiest role), I barely have to concentrate. I spritz a little bit of axe body spray on the “torso” and wrap that arm around me for a long, blissful night of rest…”

“Why the Boyfriend Pillow is wearing a button-down dress shirt to bed is beyond me, but I can’t complain. With a little imagination, and a splash of perfume, we lonely men can close our eyes and pretend that the pillow is actually a woman wearing one of our favorite dress shirts.”

“Feel sad and need a good cry? Well, the “Boyfriend Pillow” never complains if you get mascara on his collar. Just take the shirt off and wash it. As simple as that.”

“True–35 dollars might be a little pricey for a pillow. But this is more than a pillow; it is therapy. Is 35 dollars too expensive for therapy? Of course not.”

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What A Way To Go

Sometimes with life is a little extra crazy, I find it helps to mix things up a bit. Today through a weird series of clicks around the internet I ended up on Wikipedia learning about things and people that have gone over Niagara falls. This includes cats, dogs, bears, racoons, and even people in canoes and on jet skis. To read about it yourself click here.

The thing I thought was most interesting was one man named Bobby Leach. In 1911 he was the second person in the world to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. He continued to be a daredevil throughout his life until his death in 1926…

…when he SLIPPED ON AN ORANGE PEEL, broke his leg, and died due to complications from infection and amputation!

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Post Office Fail

Yesterday we got two items of mail returned to us by the post office.

1- A large photo envelope we sent to Russell’s parents with pictures of Wyatt.

  • I mailed this at the post office at the self service machine where it weighs the package and prints the postage for you to stick on your package. Yet somehow it got returned saying I didn’t put enough postage on it. Hmm.

2- A warranty registration card for the baby carrier we recently bought.

  • This one says “No postage necessary if mailed in the United States.” So that can’t be why it arrived back in our mailbox.
  • The only thing I can figure is that some idiots at USPS thought that the part of the card with our address on it for Ergo to contact us in case of a recall was the address it was being mailed to…

Instead of the preprinted address on the other side.


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A Photo

I took this photo yesterday while the girls ate breakfast. This was Kylie’s doing. I loved it so much because I feel like it sums up so much of who they are in one picture.

(The baby is not an amputee, her legs are just stuffed underneath her)

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Everything I Need To Know

Thanks Facebook for keeping me on track. You never let me forget the birthdays of my friends, and you sum up a lot of important details into very few words for me.


Tonight as I was navigating my way to Russell’s profile I found everything I need to know simply put in two words.

Russell Duren. “Husband. Baylor.”

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In This House

There isn’t anything that can’t be used as a ladder.

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Well Now, That’s Just Racist

Yesterday I was watching an awesome 80’s video.

I don’t usually do this but I browsed the comments on it for a minute. Here is one I found particularly interesting.

Sometimes I think I don’t want to play the guitar anymore cause I get bored or have a lack of will and than I come home and I see that poster, that Bon Jovi poster. And I see his guitar and how happy he is and I remember all the memories and I just feel something. Suddently there’s abbsolutely


Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure the saying is supposed to go “whole WIDE world” not “whole WHITE world”.

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