The Caesar Parmesan Facial

I hear it is all the rage.

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I love that the girls talk as much as they do. I look back on videos from even 6 months ago or so and think about how different my life was then. I am actually able to have conversations with them now, which is just so fun. They can tell me about things that happened when I wasn’t around (and have even ratted out their grandparents for giving them cookies at the park- before lunch!) Another fun side of this is that I can see more of their personalities and imaginations. We escaped the heat this past weekend and took a trip up to Mount Charleston, just 1/2 hour out of Vegas. It was 30 degrees cooler for a chilly 70 up there. We found a meadow just off the road, threw down a blanket, and had a picnic. We also explored around a little bit (the girls just wanted to go “up up!” and Kylie kicked and screamed when Daddy brought her down) and found a pile of broken branches to climb on.

Both girls got little scratches on their legs, but nothing major. Kylie’s were a little worse and actually bled a teeny tiny bit.

That is what really happened to her legs. But if you ask her, she’ll tell you that she got bit by a dinosaur.

They are her “dino-horse” bites.

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Who Is Who?

Here is a little cheat sheet for everyone to help keep track of who is who around here. I should also mention that the girls talk about themselves in the third person. I think it might be because they are twins and it is their way of identifying who they are talking about, but it also could be because that darn Elmo does it too. Who knows?!

Russell: Daddy

Me (Anina): Mommy

Alyssa: Lissie, Lissa or Sissy (sister)

Kylie: Ky-ya, Ky-dy or Sissy (sister)

Wyatt: Baby Wyatt or just Wyatt

Tank: Tanky. Also poor Tank has gotten the nickname “Poopy Cat” for reasons unknown

Leila: Monster (we gave her this nickname years ago and it has stuck for the girls. Leila is also pronounced Ye-Ya.

Rusty: Doggie or sometimes Rusty

Russell’s parents: Grandma and Grandpa. Commonly becomes one word “GrandmaGrandpa”

My dad and step-mom: Opa and Jo-Jo (also sometimes Grandma Jo)

My mom and step-dad: Grammy and Grampy. Mostly Gammy and Gampy actually.

AND since they are identical twins and people always want to know how we tell them apart, I thought I would see if anyone was brave enough to guess who is pictured here:

And this one?

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Their Marks

Before the girls were even born they made their mark on my heart. I will love them for as long as I live.

Unfortunately during the pregnancy they also made their mark on my belly. These stretch marks and stretched out skin (I call it my “twin skin”) aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And yesterday, they finished a project over two years in the making by putting their marks on my belly… cast!

We made this just 3 days before the girls were born at the biggest I (hopefully!) will ever be. I always envisioned having their hand prints on it, each in their respective positions, and yesterday we did it.

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Instead Of Taking A Nap

… this is what they did.

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Together Forever

These three will always have each other.

That makes it all worth it.

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You mean Daddy is staying home today?


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The New Stash

You may remember seeing a post a few months ago showing the diapers I made for “Spout”. Well, turns out Little Man isn’t so little and will not be fitting in those ones long! So I quickly got started making more in a bigger size (with even bigger adjustable snaps!) I was super excited to find a new website just perfect for me. It’s called Diaper Sewing Supplies. Not only do they have a ton of cute waterproof fabric options, but you can buy them in “diaper cuts” which is just big enough to make one diaper. Great so I don’t pay for fabric I don’t need! AND with every $10 purchase you can choose from a variety of options for FREE items. I have gotten fold over elastic already, but they also have mystery scraps, button hole elastic and more. Seriously, such a great site. So check out my new stash!

Top three are for the girls, and the bottom two rows are Wyatt’s.

Little tools! How cute is that?

Old Man Plaid!

Here are a couple more I would love to see on a diaper.


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Bye Bye

Since we don’t live near any family the girls have gotten accustomed to Skype. It is a wonderful way for them to see and talk to their grandparents when they would not be able to otherwise. They always start out a little quiet and shy, but usually open up pretty quickly.

And by the end…


They even give hugs.



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He does it.

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