New Microwave and Dishwasher!

Since we bought this house I have been dreaming of a new dishwasher. You know, one that actually cleaned and made a little less noise than a freight train. And while it never bothered me as much, the over-the-range microwave has not worked since the day we moved in. So, about two months ago Russell and I took a portion of our tax return and ordered a new microwave and dishwasher. The dishwasher was back ordered and so they finally arrived this week. I am so proud of Russell because he installed them both all by himself last night and this morning! Check out the progress…

Kitchen before


Tank supervising

Kylie climbing on the microwave

please notice this is now Alyssa climbing on the microwave

checking out how to remove the dishwasher

everyone helped

Alyssa sweeping

Inside old dishwasher- think "basic apartment"

Inside new dishwasher!

new appliances!

Now all we need is a matching stove… Too bad this one still works great and we can’t justify spending that kind of money simply because I’d like the look better :/

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Toddler Shorts Pattern

Here is a super easy, and quick pattern for a pair of shorts for a toddler. With just a few seams you can knock a pair of these out in about a 1/2 hour using fabric from an old t-shirt! I made these two pairs from scrap fabric I had leftover from other projects.


If you use this pattern please remember to credit me here @ Twinfinite Fun and share with me any pictures from your project. I’d love to see them!

And of course, here are the girls doing their best to model the shorts for me  🙂

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I’m Honored!

I am so honored to tell you that last night the Las Vegas Mothers of Multiples voted me


Mom’s night out was a blast, and I want to say thank you to my peers who thought I deserved such a special honor. I am so thrilled to know all these wonderful ladies, and be able to call myself one of them.

And as a special treat, Alyssa and Kylie didn’t wake me up once last night, AND let us sleep in until almost 8am!

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A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

You may have read yesterday’s post where I wrote what I would say to myself 10 years ago. In some of the other posts I read on the same topic the people were very open with what they would tell themselves. Including when and who they would marry, the fact that they would have twins, job stuff, stock tips and more. I, on the other hand, was wary of how this hypothetical letter would change the life I have now. And it got me thinking about the ripple effect. How every decision we make effects who we will become, what will happen to us, and often the lives of those around us as well.

About 8 years ago Russell and I took a drive to Cambria, CA for his birthday. About 1/2 hour into our drive a car accident happened right behind us. I remember thinking, “if we had hit one more red light, or left 30 seconds later, that could have been us.”

Then I thought about a day nearly 7 years ago where my best friend was not so lucky. She and her husband were in a serious car accident that took the lives of two people, one of them their close friend. I imagine she must have wondered at least once how different her life would have been if they had taken even two minutes longer before they got in the car. I know my life would be different. We had sort of let our friendship fall away after I moved to Texas, and it quickly made me realize how close I came to losing one of the most important people to me. For that I will always be thankful. Because of the accident they wanted to move to a warm/dry climate (for their achy bones) and with the money from their settlement they bought a house in Las Vegas. If they hadn’t have done that we would probably never have considered moving here after Russell left his job at the church. I have no idea where we might have ended up. My life as I know it now could have been totally different if someone had needed to pee before they got in that car.

How many life altering events do we experience everyday without even knowing it? It seems as though life is like one of those choose your own adventure books, where simple choices can produce very different outcomes. The difference being that we may not always know the choice we are making is putting us on a new course.

This whole idea is still too big for me to wrap my head around, so come back tomorrow and I’ll explore my thoughts on what’s meant to be, luck, fate,  predestination, whatever you want to call it. But today I want to know… is there something in your life you would change if you could?

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Dear Me,

Today I am taking the opportunity to link up with the Multiples and More Question of the Week. It is: (not exactly a question) Write a Letter to your 18 year old self.

Dear18 year old me-

The next ten years of your life are going to change you in ways you could never expect. You are going to have your fair share of joys and struggles, sure. And while I wish I could share with you some amazing blessings you are going to experience, and try to warn you of some of the hard lessons you are going to have to learn, I know all of it- the good and the bad- will bring you to where I am today. I wouldn’t want to risk that for anything. But I do have a couple encouragements/advice I want to share.

  • Follow your heart.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • It’s o.k. to be stubborn.
  • Rely on your family.
  • Tell the people you love how much they mean to you.
  • Keep the end goal in mind.
  • Remember the phrase: “This too shall pass.” It will come in handy.
  •  Spend wisely and save often.

Oh, and sleep in late and take long showers while you can!

~ Your Future Self

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Update and New Photos!

Wow, sorry I have been MIA for so long. Things have been a little crazy around here lately. We did have two sets of parents visiting- which means new toys for the girls and projects done around the house. Thank you and thank you! The new toys included a Step 2 treehouse and slide, and a sandbox stocked with toys.

This next week promises to be crazy as well. Russell is working crazy hours, and while we are very thankful for any job, let alone one with so much overtime, it isn’t always easy. Two 11 hour shifts in a row will leave us all a little run down. But it just do happens that this week is Mom’s Night Out! Thursday night I’ll be dashing out the door as soon as Russell gets home to meet some other fabulous moms for dinner and drinks at Margaritaville!

But since I am sure you really just want some new pics of the girls here are a few I thought I’d share from this evening. I hope it gives you an idea of what bath/bedtime look like around here 🙂







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How Many Books?!?

A while ago I read a blog post that talked about money saving ideas, and specifically tips for getting children’s books cheap. Thrown into the middle of this was a fact I thought could use a little more discussion. Check out what it said: “Additionally, researchers have found that children growing up with 500+ books in the home go on to more years of education, no matter the level of education of the parents.” 

I’m sorry, what?

I thought we had a good collection of books for the girls… but 500? We are not even close. So I am wondering, how many people have that many books? We sure didn’t when I was a kid. Is this something the average person can actually accomplish for their children? Granted, our girls are only one and I am sure we will collect plenty of new books for them over the years, but that number still seems a little bit outrageous to me.

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Maybe I Am A Supermom

A new study shows mothers of twins may live longer than mothers of singletons. Crazy, right? It said that moms of “natural” twins (side note: I hate that term, as if using any type of fertility treatment makes your kids unnatural) like our girls are may be physically stronger than non-twin moms to begin with. The mere fact that they conceive and carry twins is a sort of marker of a healthier, more evolved reproductive system. The twin moms in the study lived longer, had longer reproductive life spans, needed less time to recover between pregnancies, and had more children overall than those who did not carry twins. One researcher even called these women “remarkable, physically exceptional people.”


Very interesting stuff! Click here to read the full article.

*Please do not read too much into this post, I am certainly not claiming to be some amazing physical specimen. I just thought it was interesting and I was trying to be funny.

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A Case For Prenatal Vitamins

I want to spend a little time today encouraging women out there to take prenatal vitamins even when they are not pregnant. Let’s face it, unplanned or surprise pregnancies happen all the time. Even if your pregnancy is planned, waiting until you see those little pink plus signs can be too late to start taking proper vitamins.

One of the most important parts of a good prenatal vitamin is the Folic Acid. Folic acid, or folate, is typically found in leafy greens like spinach and is essential in helping to prevent neural tube birth defects (NTD). The neural tube is the part of the baby that will become the spinal cord and the brain. The reason I am calling attention to this today is that all these things begin developing (and birth defects such as Spina Bifida are caused) within the first 28 days, usually before a woman even knows she is pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are not the only ones that contain folic acid. Simply check the label of whatever multivitamin you are taking and make sure it had at least400 micrograms or 0.4 milligrams.

Here are some statistics.

  • Only 7% of women know they should be taking Folic Acid before pregnancy
  • 50% of pregnancies are unplanned
  • Spina Bifida is the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the United States
  • If all women of childbearing age got enough Folic Acid as many as 70% of NTD would be prevented

So go check and see if you are getting enough folic acid right now. Seriously, check. Why are you still sitting here reading this?

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15 Month Stats


height: 31 in (50-75th percentile)

weight: 23 lbs 9 oz (50-75th percentile)

head circumference: 47cm (75-90th percentile)

and check out how cute!


height: 31 1/4 in (75-90th percentile)

weight: 23 lbs 4 oz (50-75th percentile)

head circumference: 47 1/4 cm (75-90th percentile)

happy and healthy… minus the fat lip 😦

Happy 15 months my little angels! You make your momma so proud!

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