Reusable Christmas Bags

Two years ago my mother in law sent all of our Christmas presents in reusable bags that she had sewn. I immediately loved the idea! I had never seen it before and thought it was very cool. I didn’t do anything about it last year, but this year I went shopping after Christmas and picked up some fabrics at 70% off. I sewed up a bunch of bags in varying sizes, added some ribbons to tie and called it a day. There are lots of reasons I love this idea.

1- It is less wasteful! According to the EPA, household waste increases by more than 25% between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Added food waste, shopping bags, packaging, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons all adds up to an additional 1 million tons a week to our landfills. Ouch!

2- It saves money! I won’t have to go spend all that money on wrapping paper every year now, I’ll just be able to use my cute fabric bags!

3- They are easier to store! I hate those stupid wrapping paper rolls tumbling around in my closet. I simply put all the other bags into one fabric bag and set it on a shelf. They are easy to fold and store anywhere, really.

They also feel so old fashioned. I love everything about this idea and look forward to building our collection over the years.

I am not going to include a tutorial because I didn’t take any pictures in the process of working on them, but there are tons out there am I sure. Here is a picture of some of the finished products.


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Just A Couple Months Late

A couple posts ago (way back in Oct!) I showed you the inspiration behind the kids’ Halloween costumes. Well, I didn’t completely flake out because I did sew the costumes, I just never posted again to show you what they looked like.

As I expected, very few people knew who they were. Except for one man who corrected his partner when he said Kylie was Cinderella. He was the only one who knew Kylie was the Blue Fairy. Quite a few people thought Wyatt was the Mad Hatter, and well, like I thought most people knew Alyssa was Pinocchio. There was one person who asked if Alyssa was Peter Pan and Kylie was Tinkerbell when we were having their pictures taken. Seriously, people? Seriously…

So here they are in all their glory!

Halloween 2013 (1)

As a bonus we won “Best Family Theme” at our Moms of Multiples Halloween party!

October 2013 187

Here we are about to go trick or treating. Wyatt did not want to take a picture, he was ready to go!

October 2013 189

Setting out (a little fuzzy, but one of the only ones of Alyssa)

October 2013 190

Kylie & Wyatt

Checking out the neighbors decorations

Checking out the neighbors’ decorations

Kylie was thrilled her want actually glowed!

Kylie was thrilled her want actually glowed!

And just to mess with you, here they are trying on each others costumes.

And just to mess with you, here they are trying on each others costumes.

So… Happy Halloween everyone!!! I am seriously going to try to post this in a more timely fashion next time 🙂

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To Top Them Off

You all might have seen what the presents from Santa will be looking like in our house. Click here if you missed it. Well, I have been thinking about what to do about putting their names on them. I can’t write them myself, since that will be obvious in a few years, and I really didn’t want to make individual stamps with each of their names. Russell suggested stamps with just their first initial, but I thought that seemed a little too impersonal for Santa. Then I stumbled upon a free gift tag printable on Pinterest and altered it just a little bit in Paint. This is what I came up with:


If you would like to recreate these tags (or something similar) for yourself, here are the free resources I used.

Free Printables- Gift Tags, and the font I used for their names is called Things We Said and is available for free download here. I printed them on cream colored paper, and tied them into the twine bow. I think it is the perfect way to top the presents off. Now all we have to do is wait for Christmas!

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Too Long

It has been too long since I have posted anything. And it isn’t for lack of things going on, we have just been busy and I haven’t found the time to write. This post will be a little scattered, so I apologize in advance.

First, Wyatt. He pulled himself up to standing on Saturday. I was able to snap a quick picture. His feet are flat his jammies are just too big and were folded at the bottom.

December 2012 129

He is also making progress with eating after meeting with the speech therapist. His lunch today was the best so far, he took at least one bit of everything on this tray. We have another appointment tomorrow and I am excited to talk to her about how he is coming along and see if she has any more tips or suggestions.

December 2012 137

The kids got to meet Santa at a twin moms event this weekend. The girls are incredibly shy and totally freeze up when strangers are around, so even though they had said they wanted to sit on Santa’s lap I wasn’t going to hold my breath. They didn’t talk or smile for a picture, but they did sit on Santa’s lap, which for my girls shows they were really excited about it. Afterwards they told us all about it too. Kylie told me “Santa said hi to me!” I asked them if they told Santa what they wanted for Christmas and they said no, they were too shy. But they said “Mommy will tell Santa.” They are still learning all about this Santa thing and Kylie was confused about the timeline. After we left the party she said “Santa forgot to give us presents!” So I had to tell her he would come back on Christmas and give her her presents then. On our way driving up to see Santa Russell and I were talking about Santa’s clothes. Russell asked what animal fur is supposed to be red (since in The Night Before Christmas it says he was dressed in fur from his head to his foot) and I said maybe it was dyed. Kylie immediately yelled “Santa no died!!!”



December 2012 134




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When Santa Comes

I wanted to give a little preview of what it will look like in our home when Santa visits. I know everyone isn’t into the Santa thing and that’s fine. I also think it is a super fun tradition and we are totally going to let our kids enjoy it as long as we can. This is the first year the girls really have any idea about who Santa is. They do know he might bring them presents, but I am not sure they see him much different than they do Dora or Elmo. They have said they want to sit on his lap and touch his beard, so we will see after we make our visit in a couple of weeks. They want Boy, our Elf on the Shelf, to tell Santa good things about them, but that is mostly because they want Santa to say “Wow!” Anyways, I was thinking about what to do with the gifts he will be bringing for them. Should they be wrapped, or unwrapped? There are some people who feel very strongly either way. We always did wrapped, and unwrapping is half the fun, right? But it is clear that Santa needs a different paper from the rest of the family. His elves do wrap them all the way up at the North Pole, so there is no way they could borrow our paper. And since I was going to get something different anyways  I decided to make it special.

Just what should presents from Santa look like? Here is what I came up with:

December 2012 045

I decided to do classic brown paper. I mean the elves sure have lots of presents to wrap, to kids of all ages and both genders. Something pretty basic and simple seems like what Santa would choose. Red twine wrapped around and tied in a bow seemed like a perfect choice to add touch of Christmas color. Then of course it needed a stamp to say who it was from, an official Santa seal. I made this stamp using an eraser. Click here for the file. I obviously did a simple version of the letters since I was cutting it on a stamp, but you get the idea. And yes, it is supposed to be backwards, so when you stamp it it comes out correct.

December 2012 046

That’s it! Perfect for any good little girl or boy!

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Our Elf

We are doing the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our home, and while some people do it only in the month of December, we decided to start the day after Thanksgiving. The girls named our Elf “Boy” and are having fun finding him every morning. They do seem a little wise to the plan and often say that I am the one moving him and that he is “supposed to be” somewhere else. They do say he flies to Santa every night and that he tells Santa things, so maybe they will get more into the magic of it in future years.

So far Boy had been on top of the blinds, on the clock over the fireplace, on the microwave:

(The girls were a little concerned he’d get too hot up there), on the doorbell chime:

on the bathroom mirror:

and today he did his first little bit of mischief- he turned all the stockings around:

I’m sure we’ll have to duplicate some of his places, especially since Boy has to be someplace high since the girls would destroy him given the chance to get to him 🙂 Maybe next year?

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Wyatt’s First Thanksgiving

We had a sad day yesterday as we found out about the passing of Russell’s grandfather. He was a World War II veteran and was in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a wonderfully kind man who loved God and his family. It is a great loss. It wasn’t completely unexpected and he was ready to go. Russell had talked to him recently and got to say some goodbyes. It is hard none the less. Prayers for the family would, of course, be appreciated.

It was also Wyatt’s first Thanksgiving. We hadn’t planned anything special. We opted not to drive our little clan of crazies anywhere and so we stayed in Vegas. I made a mac and cheese from scratch, a small ham and a carrot cake. Wyatt wore a gobble gobble shirt that the girls wore for their first Thanksgiving. He wasn’t feeling really well. He is about to cut no less than 3 teeth, has a runny nose, and a fever. And then he threw up. :/ I think it was a burp bubble that made him gag, but it wasn’t fun for any of us. The girls were super fussy right then too and when he started throwing up they just lost it crying. It was a less than perfect day. But that’s o.k. Sometimes life if less than perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Girls pose with roses. Yes, this is what they wore on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2010

For bed we dressed the kids in new Christmas jammies to start the season off right. We are starting the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our home this year. I’ll try to update you on what our elf “Boy” is up to. (Yes, the girls named him. It is the first thing they have ever named, and they agreed, so we didn’t argue. I think it is kinda cute.) My oldest kids are not even three, so don’t expect anything fancy. Today -their first time finding him- he landed someplace nice and easy. On top of our blinds.

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A Christmas Card Preview

We’re very excited about the holidays and will be sending out lots of love and joy this season. Obviously.

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Happy Halloween!

The girls sorta remember last year. They knew they’d get to wear their costumes and would get candy from our neighbors. But for my Little Man, this was his first ever Halloween. He won’t be getting any candy, doesn’t know or care about a costume, and isn’t entirely sure what to do with his pumpkin, but gosh he is cute!

I hope everyone had a happy safe and happy night tonight. Here is our family represented in pumpkins. (The girls thought my Rusty one was a fox, but oh well!)

Kylie, Anina, Wyatt, Russell, Alyssa

The trio about to set out.

Happy Halloween! Now it’s time the “inspect” the kids candy. 🙂

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