Happy Halloween!

This is now our second year posing for pictures with pumpkins, so you might think we did better since we have a bit of experience. Well, in truth, the whole experience was not much easier since the girls are so much more mobile than they were a year ago. But if you want to remember that simpler time… click here to see last year’s post.

And here the girls are this year!

Kylie holding her pumpkin…

Chillin’ out.

Lissie being cute.

Dance, dance Kylie.

I made their costumes this year also, but didn’t want to subject them to putting them on just for pictures. So I will post some tomorrow after we do a little trick-or-treating tonight (the girls’ first time ever!)

Happy Halloween!

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A Foot

I had my 20 week ultrasound/anatomy scan this morning. Sprout was not very cooperative and had a hand or arm covering his/her face the whole time.

Yes. I said his/her. We do not know the sex. We do not plan on finding out the sex. We are old fashioned. Deal with it.

Anyways, the girl doing the ultrasound was this funny little Russian lady. She tried hard to get me a good shot to take home, but Sprout was in no mood apparently. When it was over she said “No face shot, no gender… what do you get? A foot.” And that is about all I came home with. And here it is!

Here are the best (only) two profiles we got.

All in all it went very well. Baby is doing well and growing right on track. Weighing about 12 ounces today. He/she even gave me a thumbs up. Pretty cool little kid if you ask me.

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20 Weeks

My bump at 20 weeks 4 days.

For comparison here is my 21 week bump with the twins (Just 3 days farther along)

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20 Month Stats

We took the girls to the doctor this morning for their well check. He was very impressed with the amount of words they know, and with their knowledge of books. (We can say “bring me the book about…” and they can pick out the exact right one) Here are their 20 month stats:


height: 33 3/4 inch (75-90th percentile)

weight: 26 lbs 15 oz (75th percentile)

head: 48 1/2 inch (90th percentile)


height: 34 inch (75-90th percentile)

weight: 26 lbs 13 oz (75th percentile)

head: 48 1/2 inch (90th percentile)

He said they are very healthy little girls! Way to go little ones!

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What Are The Odds?

My due date for this pregnancy is March 8. Since I had a c-section with the twins, I will have to have a scheduled c-section this time around also. (It is not really a big deal at all since my experience the first time around was very easy) For a scheduled cesarean my doctor had told me they like to do them about a week before your due date so you have less of a chance of going into labor. If you were to pull out your calendar you would see that would be one of the last days of February or the first day or March. And just to add a little twist, this coming year is no ordinary year… it is a leap year. Which means there is a very real possibility Sprout could be born on leap day. That we could choose to have Sprout born on leap day.

I have not decided exactly how I feel about the whole idea yet. In some ways I think it would be very fun and special and give him/her something extra unique about them-self (especially competing with sisters that are identical twins) But I am not sure how it feels not having your actual birth date thing every year.

In case you are wondering here are some statistics:

Odds of having identical twins: 3 out of 1,000 or 0.003%

Odds of having a leap day baby: 1 out of 1,506 or 0.00067%

So, I am curious… What are your thoughts on a leap day baby, and would you choose to do it if you could?

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18 Weeks

My “weeks” actually change on Thursdays, but by the time Russell is home to take the picture I am in my pj’s… so on Sunday or Monday is when you will see a new belly shot. Here is the one for 18 weeks…

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Well Now, That’s Just Racist

Yesterday I was watching an awesome 80’s video.

I don’t usually do this but I browsed the comments on it for a minute. Here is one I found particularly interesting.

Sometimes I think I don’t want to play the guitar anymore cause I get bored or have a lack of will and than I come home and I see that poster, that Bon Jovi poster. And I see his guitar and how happy he is and I remember all the memories and I just feel something. Suddently there’s abbsolutely


Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure the saying is supposed to go “whole WIDE world” not “whole WHITE world”.

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If I Had A Time Machine

There are a few moments I would love to go back and witness.

One would be the signing of the Declaration of Independence because I am just a dork like that.

Another would be to this time right here…

Where would you go if you could?

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Onesie Fun


I’ve always loved this one. I have even given it as a baby shower gift before.

This one reminds me of my brother and his fiance, since they are so great at supporting local farmers. (And what could be better than getting to pick your own fruits and veggies… upcoming post?)

This one I added as a joke, because seriously… how funny would this be on our baby?

And 5 points to anyone who can tell me exactly what Jesus is supposed to be doing in this last one…

Happy Monday All!

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