Kylie’s Kindergarten Interview

Yesterday I posted Alyssa’s Kindergarten Interview, so today it is Kylie’s turn. Kylie is definitely her own person and I love to see how individual she is. It’s interesting that a few of her answers are the same as last year’s interview, but not surprising, because she truly does love Prickles and Starper and rainbow is her favorite color 🙂

Kylie interview

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Alyssa’s Kindergarten Interview

We are officially starting kindergarten homeschool on Tuesday, Sept. 1. This year will be a little more formal compared to last year when we just “did school” whenever the girls asked to. We are beginning the year using a daily folder, one for each kid, filled with the work they need to accomplish that day. After their lessons they can do the worksheets/crafts in whatever order they want to, and as slow or as fast as they like (as long as it is done well!) But before we begin I do want to share a little about each girl at the start of their kindergarten experience. Here is Alyssa’s Kindergarten Interview.


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