My Body

It is no secret. I have three kids. I had three kids in less than three years. I had TWINS and then another baby only 25 months later. You might be able to imagine exactly what that does to a belly. (I won’t show you, so just use your imagination.)

I will tell you I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. And I don’t look like those super active teenage girls who can pretty much walk around in a bikini 24/7 and look fantastic. (Kara!) And I don’t look like I spend hours hitting the gym everyday like those celebrities who drop all their baby weight within weeks of giving birth.

But that is o.k. You know why?

Because I am not a model. And thank God for that! I like to eat way too much. And I’m not 17. And I don’t have hired help to raise my kids and cook my meals and clean my house so I can have all those hours everyday to work out. (And really, if I had all that what are the odds that I would actually choose to spend time exercising?)

What I am is a mom. And that is an incredible thing. Let me rephrase my thought… My Body Is An Incredible Thing.

My body has done exactly what it was designed to do. It has safely brought three little lives into this world. It has protected and nourished those three babies (and actually even more than that thanks to milk donation)

Sure I can feel self conscious about my “twin skin” as I like to call it, or get discouraged trying on clothes. You will probably never see me cruising the beach in a bikini again thanks to my lovely stretch marks. But I am proud of what my body has done.

I am proud.

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My girls are not really girly girls. Sure they like their princess  glasses and jammies as much as the next girl, but they also love to climb, get dirty, play with trucks and even soak themselves in lighter fluid. (Did I forget to write that post?!) So when my mom mentioned the idea of painting their nails I said there was no way it would happen. They wouldn’t sit still long enough to paint them, let alone let it dry. But one day Wyatt was sleeping and I needed to clip nails. Alyssa sat on a little stool in the kitchen and it just was perfect for pedicures. So I asked if they wanted one. I know they had no idea what they were agreeing to, but they thought it sounded like fun. I did the whole thing. Washed their feet, used a nice body scrub, a little baby oil rubbed up to their knees, and even let them each pick their own color. Kylie was a bit disappointed when I didn’t have blue on hand, but settled for a pink with sparkles. Here is how it went.

Alyssa’s toes


Kylie’s toes

And they actually let them dry! They stayed in the kitchen (to avoid paint on the carpet) and didn’t touch their nails- even long after I told them they could. They are still asking me not to mess up their nails when I wash their feet. I think we will be doing this again often.

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Fun With Hair

I was desperately hoping that the girls would have enough hair by their first birthday to put it back in a clip.

Not. Even. Close.

Thankfully, we have hit that mark by birthday number two (a little more than a week away!) And I am sure having fun seeing what other fun hair things we can also do now. And of course, the girls were very silly during their photo shoot so there are a few pictures. 🙂 I hope you won’t mind.

Kylie is in white and Alyssa is in brown.

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Pony Tails

Look who has enough hair to put back in a real, little pony tail! I feel like they just grew up so much!

Kylie's pony tail (right)

And no, she isn’t shorter than Alyssa, that is just how she is standing.

Alyssa's pony tail (left)

And thanks to the girls’ Auntie Erin for the new shirts! Aren’t they so cute?

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Bad Hair Days

We all have them.

The trick is not to let them make you crazy.

Happy weekend everyone!

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They kinda look like the mailman – the RESULTS!

A couple days ago I posted a picture of the girls, and a few of my husband and I and asked you all to vote on who they look like. Now that I think everyone who will vote, has I am posting the results.


53.33% Think they look like Russell

46.67% Think they look like me

… and we have one request for a picture of the mailman – for comparison.

Thanks to everyone who voted and left comments. It was really interesting to see what you all thought and I must say I am very surprised the votes were so close! I guess we’ll have to wait and see as they grow up if they shift one way or the other.

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They kinda look like the mailman?

People have been telling us a lot recently that they think the girls look like me. Honestly, I don’t see it AT ALL. I think they look just like little clones of my husband. So here are a couple pictures to compare. It’s up to you to decide.

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Finally a product for people like me

Has anyone seen those commercials for the no-wash shampoos? Crazy, huh? Finally a product for people with as little time as I have. Now I don’t even need to find the time to shower! Apparently you spray it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes, brush it out and poof! your hair is as good as new. I’m curious… has anyone out there actually tried this? And if not, what are your thoughts. Gross, or an awesome invention?

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Yay for nail art!

Sorry I missed a post yesterday. I’ll make up for it with two today!

Way back in January my awesome mother gave me manicure/pedicure gift cards for the year as a baby shower present. (I highly recommend this gift for any other moms to be!) So day before yesterday I went and took a little time for myself and got my nails done. Last time I went I was lucky enough to get a new girl by accident (the girl who was taking care of me could not do a little flower, despite three attempts – so she finally called in for reinforcements). Her name is Christina Carletto, and I love her. She is super cute and very friendly — I think it is weird when I spend two hours with someone and they barely say two words to me — and best of all, she loves to do nail art. I LOVE nail art. She is so fun and creative and willing to try new things all the time. Right now I have a mocha-y color on my toes and she did an autumn leaf with like green vines and stuff on my big toe nail. Very cool. On my ring finger she did a purple flower with sparkly silver accents over a coral color. I’ve tried to take some pictures, but the just don’t do it justice. Anyways, if you live in Vegas I highly recommend checking her out. Here is her facebook page where you can request an appointment and see some of her work.

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