Clothespin Bag

The other day while I was out hanging the laundry on the clothesline, I decided I wanted a bag to wear over my shoulder that I could carry the clothespins around in, that way I wouldn’t have to bend down and pick them up out of the basket with every new item to hang. (And since we use a retractable clothesline I can’t leave them up all the time) I searched for some patterns, but didn’t see anything like what I was looking for, so I just made one up myself. Here is how it went.

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Teddy Bear Dresses

I found a couple of my old teddy bearsĀ  that are exactly the same in some of my old toys. I thought it would be fun to make them little dresses (so they look more girly, and so the girls could tell them apart someday) I also had a few flowers leftover from Russell’s mom making the girls’ dresses for the dedication, so I added those to the bears’ dresses and “hair”. Here are some pics.

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