That’s One Way

How to tell it’s time to move to the next size up?

Your clothes don’t stay buttoned during your nap.

Someone tell this kid’s mom.

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Having Sisters

My poor Little Man is sure to be forced into more than his share of tea parties and barbie play over his years. It already started this morning with a little bit of dress up. Wyatt was a good sport though.

Although maybe it was not all the girls idea and he takes after his father a little bit…

And yes, I have shared that picture of Russell before, but I’ll take any chance I get to post a picture like that. 🙂

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They have their own style, and that is perfectly fine.

But someday these girls will be in high school (or possibly middle school) and this picture will resurface. And I will enjoy that day very much.

Especially this one of Kylie.

Oh, Lordy. Sometimes that girl is her mother’s daughter.

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Grammy and Grampy just got back from a trip to Hawaii and sent the kids a goody box. Here the girls are modeling some new shirts and flower hair clips. Could they be any cuter?

Kylie (left) Alyssa (right)

And here is one with leis as crowns, just as Grammy predicted.

Kylie (left) Alyssa (right)

They are so cute dressed like this I think we need to make a trip to Hawaii ourselves, but for now this is the best we can do. Aloha!

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Half Zip Fleece Pullover

Yesterday I made the girls a pair of matching fleece pullovers with a half zipper. I got this fabric as a Christmas gift from a wonderful friend Holly. I thought it was pretty awesomely 80’s and immediately starting planning on making the girls something to wear. This is what I came up with:


And then I have to include a whole bunch of pictures from this photo shoot, because the girls had so much fun with it!

And just one for my crafty readers, here is what the inside looks like.

Love my beautifully serged edges? Thanks Joanne!

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Onesie Fun


I’ve always loved this one. I have even given it as a baby shower gift before.

This one reminds me of my brother and his fiance, since they are so great at supporting local farmers. (And what could be better than getting to pick your own fruits and veggies… upcoming post?)

This one I added as a joke, because seriously… how funny would this be on our baby?

And 5 points to anyone who can tell me exactly what Jesus is supposed to be doing in this last one…

Happy Monday All!

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Because I Am Lazy

Today you are only getting a couple pictures of my girls trying on some of their new clothes.


One of my favorite shots ever…



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Some Rockin’ New Shoes, And Other Random Things

It was time to buy the girls some new shoes for fall/winter. Sandals won’t work year round- even in Las Vegas, plus the ones they have been using the past few months are pretty beat up (they may have been super glued back together more than once), not to mention since my girls are growing so well they barely fit in them anymore. So off to the store we went.

After trying on many pairs we finally hit the jackpot. Check out these awesome shoes!

Seriously, how Jem and the Holograms are these things?

While we are talking about some old school 80’s, check out my awesome Barbie and the Rockers lunchbox… with matching thermos.

AND my Cool Times Barbie lunchbox, which reminds me a lot of the Saved By The Bell intro.

While I was looking for my old lunchboxes I found something else interesting. Look at what I found with all my Barbie stuff.

A double stroller.

Apparently even my Barbies had twins. I guess some things are just meant to be. And leave it to Barbie… those car seats even snap in and out for added convenience.

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