Our Elf

We are doing the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our home, and while some people do it only in the month of December, we decided to start the day after Thanksgiving. The girls named our Elf “Boy” and are having fun finding him every morning. They do seem a little wise to the plan and often say that I am the one moving him and that he is “supposed to be” somewhere else. They do say he flies to Santa every night and that he tells Santa things, so maybe they will get more into the magic of it in future years.

So far Boy had been on top of the blinds, on the clock over the fireplace, on the microwave:

(The girls were a little concerned he’d get too hot up there), on the doorbell chime:

on the bathroom mirror:

and today he did his first little bit of mischief- he turned all the stockings around:

I’m sure we’ll have to duplicate some of his places, especially since Boy has to be someplace high since the girls would destroy him given the chance to get to him 🙂 Maybe next year?

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Wyatt’s First Thanksgiving

We had a sad day yesterday as we found out about the passing of Russell’s grandfather. He was a World War II veteran and was in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a wonderfully kind man who loved God and his family. It is a great loss. It wasn’t completely unexpected and he was ready to go. Russell had talked to him recently and got to say some goodbyes. It is hard none the less. Prayers for the family would, of course, be appreciated.

It was also Wyatt’s first Thanksgiving. We hadn’t planned anything special. We opted not to drive our little clan of crazies anywhere and so we stayed in Vegas. I made a mac and cheese from scratch, a small ham and a carrot cake. Wyatt wore a gobble gobble shirt that the girls wore for their first Thanksgiving. He wasn’t feeling really well. He is about to cut no less than 3 teeth, has a runny nose, and a fever. And then he threw up. :/ I think it was a burp bubble that made him gag, but it wasn’t fun for any of us. The girls were super fussy right then too and when he started throwing up they just lost it crying. It was a less than perfect day. But that’s o.k. Sometimes life if less than perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Girls pose with roses. Yes, this is what they wore on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2010

For bed we dressed the kids in new Christmas jammies to start the season off right. We are starting the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our home this year. I’ll try to update you on what our elf “Boy” is up to. (Yes, the girls named him. It is the first thing they have ever named, and they agreed, so we didn’t argue. I think it is kinda cute.) My oldest kids are not even three, so don’t expect anything fancy. Today -their first time finding him- he landed someplace nice and easy. On top of our blinds.

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Things They Say- This Week

Kylie: “Baby, you poked Kylie in the eye. That’s not nice, but I still love you.”


Kylie: “Daddy forgot to give us forks.”

I walk by, give them forks.

Alyssa: “We are lucky Mommy was here.”


While driving in the car with Wyatt crying.

Both girls: “I can’t help you.” and “That’s enough, Wyatt.”


Me: “What are some things you are thankful for?”

Kylie: “Mommy and Daddy.”

Alyssa: “Candy.”

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Moving On Up

My Little Man isn’t quite so little and has exceeded the weight limit on his infant car seat. So this morning, while I wore a tank top and my husband hung Christmas lights (don’t worry- we won’t be turning them on until Friday night), I installed his convertible big boy car seat. I am very thankful this seat fits in the back along with his sisters seats so we can keep this car going a little longer. And as always, Wyatt approved.

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The Mystery Of The Dragon

I may be biased but I think my kids are pretty dang smart, and the girls are incredibly verbal. They are just over 2 1/2 and correctly use words like barely, probably and actually. They also know and use many synonyms like slice instead of cut. They have incredible memories and often recall a ridiculous amount of detail about things that happened a long time ago. One example happened yesterday. Russell and I were talking about one of our favorite pictures of Kylie. I took it over a month ago. Just hearing us talk about this photo Kylie remembered the day, what was happening while we took the picture (Russell was taking a nap) AND what clothes he was wearing at the time. Another example happened while I was on the phone with my step-mother. She has a blue front amazon parrot who was making a lot of noise that Alyssa could hear over the phone. Alyssa (who has been to their house only once in the last year and a half and it was back in July) remembered that Joanne covers the bird up with a blanket when she is being too noisy AND where the blanket is stored when not in use.

Sometimes they talk about things that I did not even notice at the time or do not remember myself and I am confused about what exactly they are talking about. This can include things they have read in the countless books we have and have borrowed from the library, anything they see or hear while we are running errands, etc. And it can be from months ago, which does not help narrow things down. Recently they  have been talking about a dragon. They don’t watch movies or TV so that was out of the question. I couldn’t remember a book with any dragons in it but they were persistent with it. Yesterday after nap I finally figured out what they were talking about. It wasn’t a dragon after all (although that is the exact word they were saying) it is a set of toy blocks. More specifically it is the wood block with a string to pull it around that the blocks fit into. They drag it.  So they decided that is what it must be called.

This isn’t the first time they have made words for things that while they are not the correct word, I think is so clever of them. They don’t wait to be told what everything is, they use their knowledge of how words are used to try to figure stuff out on their own. Like the thing used to mop the floors. It is a “mopper.”

O.k. I’m proud of those little girls. I’ve said it. I’ll stop bragging on them for now. 🙂

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A Christmas Card Preview

We’re very excited about the holidays and will be sending out lots of love and joy this season. Obviously.

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We Forgot The Girls At The Store

I know it has been too long since I have posted anything. Sometimes life gets busy and I forget for a few days. Then, too much time passes and I feel like I have to post something really entertaining to make it up to the dozens of people who read my blog. Because the pressure is so high I don’t post anything. For like a month. Or two.

I hope I got you interested with the title today. I did, didn’t I?

While we did not actually forget the girls (or anyone for that matter) at the store, the title isn’t totally unrelated. For the past week or so, anytime we go anywhere, Alyssa and Kylie like to pretend we left them there and that we accidentally brought frogs home instead. Then they are frogs for the rest of the night. They’ll tell us “Mommy, ask Froggie to open her mouth really wide” while brushing teeth, or “Give Lissie Froggie a hug” after bedtime stories. Sometimes they like to look for themselves in the garage, and will often pretend to bring in miniature versions of themselves. Multiple miniature versions that they throw on the floor and then presumably vacuum over with the popper. I do not understand all the intricacies of the game, but it is so fun to see their little imaginations at work.

Next up for them to discover: the floor is made of lava!

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Is This Really Necessary?

I know I am going to get a few people finding my blog by some very weird web searches after this post, but I made a commitment to blog about my crazy life and here is just one more thing.

My girls love books. They always have. Wyatt is starting to follow in their footsteps as well. So whenever people find books at yard sales or anything they pick them up for our kids. Recently they got a few new bags of books and one of them included one titled “The Difficult Day” written by Joy Cowley and illustrated by Jan van der Voo. It is a book about a little girl who is having a hard day. Great, fine, whatever. That’s not my point. One time I was reading it and realized the artwork was a little more detailed than I found necessary.

So I ask you… does the cat really need a butt-hole? Oh, and it doesn’t just make one appearance.

Any time that poor cat is facing the wrong way he is violated!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, check out the back cover.

Seriously, Jan van der Voo? Come on. Was that really necessary?

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Eight Month Man

I can’t believe how much faster the time seems to go with baby #3. It is crazy. No way is this kid eight months already. And yet, here we are. The main development this month is the arrival of two teeth. I thought I would be able to add crawling to the list also, because he is just SO close, but he isn’t quite there yet. Right now he gets up on all fours and rocks a lot. He also lunges himself forward and faceplants. It doesn’t seem to phase him though. He is such a trooper. Last night he hit his head on the table multiple times and he didn’t have one thing to say about it.  We have house guests this weekend so maybe someone else will be here for his first crawl. I keep telling Russell “If he looks like he is going to start crawling while I am in the shower, you pick him up!” I don’t want to miss it. I am around them all 24/7, so it would be just my luck he’d do it the first time while I am checking the mail or something stupid.

Anyways, here are his photo shoot pictures. And it seems like my cousin Dana (who has bought all the animals for the kids photo shoots) had a bit of physic ability when she picked a dog for Wyatt. He LOVES dogs and will just laugh and laugh watching Rusty do just about anything. See here. If you can watch that and not smile about the 22 second mark there is just something wrong with you.

Happy eight months to my awesome Little Man. You are more fun each and every day. I am so proud of you!

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