Wish Lists

I’ve had a hard time putting this blog together because I don’t want it to seem like I have my hand out. The fact is, people are always asking us what sizes the girls are in and what types of things we might need. To make it easier for those people I have created a couple ofย  “wish lists” that I try to keep pretty well updated. So for convenience sake, here they are. We have one for toys, one for clothes, and one for diapers. The diaper one has a password for it (don’t ask me why!) and it is twins.

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Things Not to Say to Parents of Twins

I understand people are curious about twins. They are not as uncommon as they used to be, but even still they attract a lot more attention than a singleton. I know this for a fact based on my experiences going out with the girls together and when I only take one with me. When I am alone with one we barely turn a head. When I go out with both girls there is hardly a person who doesn’t at least do a double take to look at them, not to mention all the people who stop me to ask one of these stupid questions…

Are they twins? O.k. maybe this is more acceptable for older kids (like 4 or older) but when you see two infants, in a double stroller, in matching car seats please just use your brain.

Are they identical? I am adding this one for all the parents of boy/girl twins. If there is one boy and one girl how could they be identical?

How do you tell them apart? I look at them. I am with these kids day in and day out. Don’t you think I’d be able to pick up on their differences?

Who is older? Really, they are a couple of minutes apart. Does it really matter?

Which one is the better sleeper/eater/whatever? Please don’t ask me to compare my kids in this way. They are going to compete enough already. Do they really need to hear their mom saying “she is not as good as her sister” to random strangers?

Do twins run in your family? I think this is just a polite way to ask if we used fertility treatments. And FYI – fertility treatments do not have any effect on identical twins and neither does family genetics. Both can be causes of fraternal twins, but not identical.

Looks like you have your hands full! Yes I do. Now would you mind letting me get my shopping done while they are still remotely happy? Or could you help me out with that door? Thanks.

Double Trouble! Please don’t ever say this to a parent of twins. It makes our blood boil. We love our kids and see them as blessings, not some kind of burden.

Now by this point you might be saying “Geez Nina, people are just curious”. But I don’t think it is possible to understand the number of times you hear each one of these comments until you live it. For example, I had this conversation with my dad when we visited him in August. Then we went to the store for one item. We could not have been in the store five minutes and were asked three times if they were twins. Now picture that all the time everyday. And if you do want to say something, try one of these things:

Twins! How wonderful, congratulations.

They are beautiful.

Wow, how lucky.

You must feel very blessed.

… and I do. Thanks.

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Christmas Pants

Yesterday I found some cute remnant fabric at Joann’s and decided to try to make the girls a pair of pants. I used the pattern found here. It was super easy and very fun. I had the whole thing done in less than an hour (even with the girls!)

First I cut the legs, matched the right sides together and sewed from the ankle to the crotch.

Then all I had to do was match the two pieces together and sew from the crotch to the waist, add a hem to the cuffs, and sew a waistband to fit the elastic.

I think I’ll go back today and see if there are any more fun fleece fabrics in the remnant bin ๐Ÿ™‚

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All About Bean – 11/22

Since we have twins that share a bedroom, their sleep patterns are not always exactly what we would like for them. And so when one of them fusses in the middle of the night we go in and pick that one up and try to soothe her before she wakes up her sister. It is usually Alyssa that we have to go in for. So she doesn’t think it is just hang out time with us we bring her out to the couch and lay her down – in the dark – until she falls back asleep, and then we move her back to the crib.ย  This routine usually only takes a few minutes, but can sometimes happen 10 times in a night. Like I said, not ideal. But what else could we do? If we leave her in the crib to “work it out” on her own she’ll just wake up Kylie and then we have two problems to deal with.

Well, last week we decided it was time to make a change. The new rule? Once Alyssa goes into the crib she doesn’t come back out until it is time to eat or wake up. Yes, this does mean that poor Kylie will get woken up, but we figured if we could teach Alyssa that once she was in bed she was just going to stay there that she wouldn’t stir so much at night. We would rather have a week or two of crappy nights where she (or both of them) cry, than spend the next 9 months or more getting up a dozen times every night.

The first night both Russell and I were up a lot trying to help her learn to fall (and stay asleep) in the crib. The next two nights she did awesome and barely stirred at all. We thought we were so wonderful for helping her learn so quickly. Last night, however, was a different story. She actually stirred quite a bit before we went to bed, and then woke up very early to eat. So I fed her and she quickly fell back asleep on my shoulder while I was burping her. Then when I tried to lay her down in the crib she threw a fit! She was up for the next 2 1/2 hours mostly just screaming before she finally gave up and fell asleep for me. Amazingly Kylie stayed asleep through it all. So, wish us luck as we try to be consistent and patient with out little Bean. Hopefully she will sleep better in the long run because of it.

In other news, she is working on tooth number 5, another one of the top ones. She weighed in at 19 pounds exactly at her doctors appointment a couple of weeks ago, and she is standing up a lot more without holding on to anything. Yesterday as we were all just hanging out in the living room she crawled off on her own into the kitchen, sat next to the fridge, and quite contently watched the wind blowing the trees. I love that she is so independent and think it says a lot about her self confidence that she didn’t need us (or Kylie) there with her.

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Thankful for a husband who loves me like crazy

I’m around the girls pretty much 24/7 which can be wonderful and exhausting at the same time. But it also means that there are very few “firsts” that I have missed. I have seen the first time they both rolled over, smiled, sat up, crawled and about every other new thing they have ever done. I love it and it makes me so happy. I have also fed them (or seen them try) every new food they have ever tasted.

Until this morning.

Russell let me sleep in a little since I had to get up in the middle of the night to pump and take care of Alyssa. (Have I mentioned what an amazing husband I have?) Anyways, this morning was the girls first time trying cranberries. I wanted them to give it a try before Thanksgiving so they could have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Silly, I know. Well, my amazing, thoughtful and sweet husband knew that he would be feeding them something for the first time without me, and since he didn’t want me to miss out (but did want me to sleep) he took a video of them trying it. Isn’t he great! I don’t think that many husbands would think to do something like that. I know I won’t be around for every first that they have, but it is so sweet for him to think about my feelings in something as small as that.

I am a lucky woman to be so loved by my man.

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All About Bear – 11/15

O.k. so I am almost a week behind on my blogs. We had non stop family in town all week and things were very stressful and crazy. It is so hard on the girls when their schedules are out of whack and with all the extra stimulation it makes them over tired very quickly. Anyways, blogging drops down to the bottom of the priority list, so sorry to all my readers. The past 2 days I probably have had time to do a blog or two but have been feeling so overwhelmed by how behind I am that it was just easier to take a nap. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, here is tonight’s blog All About Bear. Like I mentioned it has been a big week and The Bear reacted differently than I expected. I did not realize how much of a momma’s girl she had become. Every time I left the room (or even her eye line) she totally freaked out. It was very surprising since Alyssa was more attached to me in the beginning. I do have to say it was nice to feel the extra love from my Kylie Bear though!

We had some pretty big adventures for the baby girls that involved a few trips to the park. They played on the swings, and went down the slides (with one of us) and spent a lot of time exploring the grass. Kylie even crawled way off by herself just seeing what was out there. I don’t think she realized how far away she was going until she turned around and saw us. She turned back right away.

She also spent a great deal of time climbing over daddy and would get a little too into it and would face plant on the way down. She never cried or really even cared, but we all got a good laugh every time she did it. She got another tooth on top over the weekend (which only added to her fussy mood) so she now has two on top and two on bottom.

We had an appointment with our pediatrician and both girls are doing great. Kylie weighed in at 19 pounds 1 ounce. She is in the 50-75th percentile which is much better than the bottom 5 where she started! We also stopped by and visited with the nurses at our perinatologist’s office. They love to see the girls grow and we dropped by some new pictures for their board. Bear of course was the only one to smile for them.

And tonight Kylie got to skype for the very first time. We talked with Aunt Robin and Crystal. Both girls enjoyed looking at the screen and Robin talking to them, but only until they realized it was dinner, and then they kindly asked me to get the heck off the computer. It was fun anyways.

Stay tuned for a few more blogs in the next couple days as I try to get back on track!

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I LOVE old people!

Rarely can I honestly say I am very excited about people stopping us in public to look at the girls. I don’t want Alyssa and Kylie growing up feeling like they are on display or something to be “looked at”. Not to mention it can get very tiresome when almost everyone wants to see them and talk to me about them. Not like I don’t have anything else to do… But on Monday Russell, the girls and I stopped into a Winchell’s to grab some doughnuts. As soon as we walked in we found a group of senior citizens socializing and having coffee. (always a good sign in a doughnut shop!) Anyways, they didn’t seem to notice us much when we came in, but as we were leaving they were quite excited to see we had twins so we stopped for a few seconds for them to see the girls.

They were SO excited!

One man was even clapping for them! It was so much fun to see a bunch of older people get so joyful so quickly. As we were leaving they were yelling encouragements for us to come back often, even saying “We want to watch them grow up!”. After only like 30 seconds of meeting them. They were so sweet. I left with the biggest smile on my face.

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Making Halloween Costumes – part 2

O.k. So some of the info for this blog can be found in Making Halloween Costumes – part 1. My supply list and the cap pictures I am going to leave out since they are already there. Today I’ll show you how I made the baby bumble bee costume, complete with stinger!

First I made the cap, and Kylie was very excited about it.

Then I dyed the white onsie yellow using Rit Dye color Golden Yellow. This time it worked perfectly and the color came out exactly right!

Then I added the black stripes around the front and back. (If you do this make sure to fold the edges under on each side to prevent fraying)

After all the stripes were attached (I used the machine to do that part) it was time for the stinger. I sewed a small black spot on the butt for the stinger to attach to. Then I made the stinger by sewing a small cone and filling it with stuffing and a folded pipe cleaner (to help it keep shape). The I sewed velcro onto each end so the stinger could be attached for play, but removed while in the car seat/etc.

Once again I added the black leggings and called it a day!

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All About Bean – 11/8

Sorry today’s post is a little late in the day. We have Bean’s Grammy and Grampy visiting from Monterey this week and things are always a little crazy when we have company. This time change isn’t helping anything either. The girls are all thrown off on their schedule and are a little extra fussy.

Little Lissie is becoming quite the climber. Last night she climbed up the pet stairs, up onto to the couch and onto the end table and grabbed the remote control. I let her have it… I figured she worked so hard for it she deserved something ๐Ÿ™‚

She also has been doing this weird, creepy thing where she kind of grinds her teeth. Only she only has one little tooth on top that just poked though so it makes this clicking sound when she passes her lower teeth over it. I think she is working on the other top tooth to come out and so grinding her bottom teeth against the gums must feel good? I think it looks really painful since I know how sharp her little bottom ones are. And while it creeps us out, it must make her happy or she wouldn’t be doing it, so we let it continue. Not like we could really do anything to stop it anyways!

She did have one nasty fall off of (and onto!) a cardboard box today and got a scratch along her cheek. She is such a trooper though and barely cried at all.

She is also wearing her first pair of blue jeans ever! She looks so cute like a little person ๐Ÿ™‚ She doesn’t seem as comfortable in them though and has had some difficulty sitting on her little car and in crawling around. I think they are still a little too big and sag a bit. But she is so darn cute!

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Making Halloween Costumes – part 1


As you all know I made the girls Halloween costumes this year. Here is how I did them. Today I’ll show you how I made the baby ladybug costume.

First I bought a pack of plain white long sleeve onsies. I also bought some Rit Dye Fabric Dye in the Scarlett color, black fabric, black pipe cleaners and colored pom poms.

Here I am dying the first onsie red.

I tried twice (the second time with a different brand of dye) and no matter what I did I could not get the onsie to come out red. It was always a rusty orange color. I love the color, but it was just not right for a ladybug.

So I had to improvise. I found a large blood donation shirt that my husband never wore that was red and even though it had a huge design on the front I was about to get enough fabric to sew a long sleeve onsie using this pattern. I bought that pattern months ago and have gotten more than my money’s worth out of it.

I also used the pattern to make the black caps.

I sewed on the pipe cleaners and attached the red pom poms.

Then I cut out black circles for the spots and sewed them on. I sewed them on by hand instead of using my machine –ย  but it was just personal preference.



The last thing I did was buy little black tights from wal-mart to keep them warm and to tie it all together. Here is all done!



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