A Post I Never Thought I’d Write

I killed seriously the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life last night.

Like many people out there I am terrified of spiders. I grew up in a house that backed up to a forest. We had large tree spiders around the whole time I was a kid. One lived outside my window for a while that my family called “Goliath.”

We’ve been cleaning out the garage and luckily I’ve managed to stay spider free. Until last night. I picked up some old burlap coffee bags Russell had gotten years ago in Colorado. We’d been using them as mats on the floor in front of the washing machine. That is until our cat starting using them as a litter box. Time to go. So I gave those a little shake and threw them out. Then I picked up the trash can by the dryer that we use mostly for the lint. It doesn’t get full really fast, or stinky at all so it doesn’t get emptied very often. Well, that’s when I saw him.

The beast.

At first I wasn’t sure if he was alive, or even really a spider. He was surrounded by webs, but was so big I almost didn’t believe it. Now, Russell was on his way home at this point and I could have left the spider for him to deal with, but after I had unearthed him from his hiding place I didn’t trust him to stay out in the open. Our deep freezer was only about two inches away, and the washing machine and dryer were not far either. The fact was, doing nothing and possibly losing track of this spider was more terrifying to me than dealing with it myself. I searched around for any spider killer spray that I could use from a safe distance, but found none. He was on the edge of a little ledge, so trying to hit him with something or step on him was out of the question. I ended up poking around him with the broom enough that he climbed on board. Once on the broom there was no doubt he was alive, and his size startled me even more. I kid you not, he was roughly 2/3 the length of the bristles on the broom. I carried him (as outstretched as possible) to the street before whacking him. Literally.

I took a picture, but it is a little hard to see. On the right there is one of those things that go in men’s dress shirts to straighten the collar. You can use that for size reference. He was about the same size. Also, in the foreground you can see the carcass of some other spider or creature that he killed.

spider 001

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A Year

It’s been a year since I had to take Kylie to the ER.

A year since my brave little girl got her first stitches.

A year since this picture was taken.

September 2012 181

That was right after her stitches. She amazed me.

September 2012 185

This was the next morning. Man, that thing was brutal.

September 2012 197

A couple of days later. I was really worried her beautiful face would never be the same.

September 2013 154

Here she is tonight, one year since she cut her face. Her scar is almost unnoticeable. And she is still SO beautiful! But her face isn’t the same as it was before. Look at her adorable dimple when she smiles!

September 2013 153

Or when she does this…

September 2013 156

We have put scar treatment on that thing almost every day, and plan to continue until the bottle is gone. And she wears sunscreen anytime she goes outside. But I love her little scar and I hope she always sees it and knows how brave and beautiful it makes her.

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A Glimpse Into My Past

Russell and I are going through the garage and found the box of our old yearbooks. I’ve been reading what people wrote to me, and let me tell you there are some treasures there. Freshman and sophomore year everything was dominated by a lot of “Watz up” (but actually with an arrow pointing up) and the word “kewl.” Wow, we were so NOT cool back then. There were a couple that I wanted to share in their entirety, but I will leave out the people’s name in case I am still friends with them today.

“I remember like earlier this year, I think, **** introduced us and I thought you had a weird name. But that’s not important. The important part is that I really had no idea how cool you are. And then I remember seeing you at Great America, don’t know when, and you and ### were being all weird but cool. “

Not sure how much of that is a compliment…

“I just want to say thanks. Thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me. Even though sometimes I think you hate me! Haha. Only because you look @ me weird. 🙂 But that’s o.k.”

O.k. some things never change.

And my personal favorite:

“It’s been unusual having you here. When I needed someone a little different to talk to I could always count on you.”

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The One At The Doctor- 18 Month Stats

Wyatt had his 18 month check up on Monday and it was quite the experience. I had scheduled it for Monday so Russell would be off work to stay home with the girls. Then the day before Alyssa and Kylie decided they needed to go to the doctor with Wyatt because he might be scared and need his big sisters there with him. Although the thought of all of us going was not my ideal, I love the logic and don’t want to down play their helpful and protective feelings for each other. Then we found out our doctor had moved offices. In fact, it was their very first day in the new office. Computers weren’t working, insurances couldn’t be verified, and even though we were one of the first appointments in the morning (9 am) we waited for an hour to be seen. The signs were confusing and a couple of sick kids made their way into the well child waiting room. So we also had a vomiting baby and possible strep throat germs floating around in there with us too. Great. Russell took the girls out to run in the hallway and climb up and down the stairs while I waited with Wyatt for our name to be called. Finally we got called back and he was seen by a very tired looking doctor. Here are his 18 month stats:

Height: 33 1/2 inches, 75th percentile

Weight: 26 lbs 15 oz, 50-75th percentile

Head Circumference: 47 1/4 inches, 25-50th percentile

He did need one shot in the arm and did not even cry, or seem to notice it. I guess maybe he did like having his sisters there! They all got stickers and we got to head out. As we were waiting for the elevator someone, obviously from the staff, came by and apologized for the craziness of the morning. I also noticed she was carrying a more clear “sick child” sign to put up. We have another appointment in 3 months so hopefully more of the kinks will be worked out by then.

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The One At The Dentist

The girls have been asking to go back to the dentist since about a week after our last visit. For some reason they thought it was very exciting. The last time we went was actually the first time we ever took the kids and I forgot to bring the camera along. Lame Mommy moment. This time I remembered and got some pretty good pictures.



Alyssa got her x-rays over quick and did super good. Kylie really struggled with having the thing in her mouth, it kept making her gag! We got one side and gave her a break while I sat with Wyatt and held him for his. We only did his front teeth. Then we got Kylie’s other side done and everyone (including Mommy) got a sticker.





I didn’t get any of Wyatt getting his teeth cleaned because he was laying on me to get it done, but here he is after it was over!

September 2013 073

In addition to the cleaning, the girls have to have their teeth scraped a bit. They get a dark line near their gums thanks to an iron deposit. It doesn’t harm their teeth, but it looks nicer not having it there.

September 2013 076

Kylie- look at how little she is in the chair!



After 3 sets of x-rays, cleanings, and check-ups by the doctor it was time to pick a prize and head home. The girls each picked a “wishing star wand” and Wyatt (shockingly!) chose a ball. They all got new toothbrushes as well. Kylie picked purple, Alyssa pink, and Wyatt green.

September 2013 080

three kiddos walking out

September 2013 082

back in the car with a new toothbrush and a prize each!

I am proud to say we have 54 teeth and no cavities! Everything looks great and I was very proud of their behavior. Total win.

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18 Month Man

Wyatt is officially one and a half today, so of course I had to take some pictures!

Wyatt 18 months 002

Wyatt 18 months 010

Wyatt 18 months 024

For size reference:

Wyatt 18 months 013

And to compare, here he was at one month old… so chubby and yet so tiny!

Wyatt 1 month 009

And here is one of the girls at 18 months.

August 2011 044


August 2011 064


We have a doctors appointment next week so I’ll post his stats once I know them. For now I’ll just say “Happy half birthday, Little Man!”

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