I Have A Lot To Learn


My kids will forever be teaching (and correcting me) and I am sure the teenage years will only make it worse. Two nights ago while I was getting things ready for dinner the girls were playing phone. They were pretending to call Nana (their great-grandmother) on their play kitchen phone and an old cell phone of mine from years ago. Then Alyssa brought me an old remote, also a toy for them, for me to call Nana as well. So, as any good mom would I put the remote up to my ear and “talked” to Nana.

This is where Alyssa needed to correct me.

“Upside down!”

Clearly, the problem with my remote control telephone was that I was using it upside down. Sorry Bean.

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Last night I chopped 9 inches off my hair.

I have been planning to cut it for a little while. It has been a few years since I had it short. Actually I started growing it out right after the girls were born, so it is funny I decided to cut it after Wyatt was born. It has been driving the kids crazy getting long too. It bothers Wyatt while he is eating (and doesn’t have very good control of his arms/hands) and the girls have asked me more than once to take my hair off of their books, not to mention they HATE it in their faces every time I strap them into their car seats.

I wanted to cut off most of it so I would be able to donate it. I checked out Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Long story short, I decided I liked Pantene Beautiful Lengths better. I won’t say anything bad about either option, that is just what I chose. The info is out there if you want to check it out.  To donate to Pantene you must be cutting at least 8 inches (dry), be free of permanent color, bleach or other chemical treatments, and no more than 5% gray.



I want to encourage everyone to consider doing a hair donation. If you think it would make you uncomfortable to lose 8 inches, think about the difference it would make to someone who has lost all of their hair.

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Maybe I Shouldn’t

Maybe I shouldn’t post this picture, but I thought you could all use a laugh. My mom is visiting and was taking a picture of Wyatt and her camera flash was very intense. Thus, my face.

Happy Tuesday everybody!

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Little Man

… is not really so little.

It is so very different to have a baby at the other end of the size spectrum. The girls started out so small (the bottom 5th percentile) and even though they took about 6 months to catch up, they have since then fit so nicely into the right size-for-their-age in clothes. 6 months wearing 6 month, 9 months wearing 9 months, etc. It just seems right.

Wyatt on the other hand, won’t even be 3 months old until next Friday and is already getting close to growing out of his 3-6 month stuff! And I know what you are thinking… it is not just around the waist and thighs that things are getting tight. It is kinda getting hard to get some things like bodysuits and pajamas to snap these days. He is long too! Oh and those little shirt/short combos aren’t much better. How does the saying go? If you have a belly don’t wear a belly shirt? Ya, that’s my little man. 🙂

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No Thank You

A while back after I got my DAR certificate in the mail, I wanted to get a frame for it. We planned on putting it a wall next to Russell’s diploma and Eagle Scout plaque. His diploma has a really nice green and gold matting (the school’s colors) and since the DAR insignia is navy blue and gold we thought getting matching matting would be perfect. Since I was looking for something specific I went to a big chain frame store (which I won’t name but I am sure you could guess) to look around. I was really disappointed in their “selection”. In the 8×10 size they only has 3 colors for matting: white, black and cream. I asked the girl working there if other colors could be ordered since they carried many more colors in the smaller sizes. She told me no, that they couldn’t do that and I should just get it custom framed. Russell and had talked about making it look really nice, so I was willing to get an estimate.


I was shocked. All I wanted was a simple frame with a blue and gold matting. I never would have imagined that this request would be estimated to cost more than half of a mortgage payment! I said I would need some time (code for “Heck No!”) to think and left. I went Across the street to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts and found exactly what I was looking for. I knew they did custom framing as well, and I always get coupons for them in the mail so I figured it couldn’t hurt. Turns out I didn’t need to even have a custom frame made. They had tons of different colored mattes and a good selection of frames. I did have to buy two matte sets, one white with gold, and one blue with white, to achieve my blue/gold set, but all in all I found everything I was looking for. I walked out the door $25 later and love the way it turned out.

It isn’t the best picture, but you get the idea. I love the simple but old fashioned look of the frame, and the blue and gold match the insignia perfectly.

(Personal info removed for privacy.)

The best part of the story is that yesterday someone from unmentioned frame store called to see if I was still interested in having a custom frame made. No thank you! It was so satisfying to be able to tell him that I found exactly what I wanted right across the street from them for about 1/17 the price.

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Today we are sending off a cooler containing 600 ounces of breast milk. (I have about 1000 ounces saved for Wyatt already) It is going to Mother’s Milk Bank in San Jose, Ca. There it will be pasteurized and tested for diseases before it can be used. Then it will mostly go to hospitals where babies in the NICU will receive this life saving food. I am so thrilled to be able to be a part of this process and hope that my milk will make a difference for some sick little babies out there.

I have been fortunate enough that sharing our milk is possible. Wyatt obviously is getting enough himself (just look at his thighs!) and I am able to pump more than he will ever use in just two pumpings a day. I took a picture of this morning’s take in case you have a hard time picturing how much 27 ounces is. That is 27 ounces, in one pumping, after I fed the little man his breakfast.

We did end up buying a deep freezer, which  is almost entirely filled with milk.  It is a 7.2 cu. ft. freezer. The whole left side (the brown bags) is all milk. Only the small shelf on the right has a couple other freezer items.

Here are some examples of the babies who will receive this milk:

  • babies who are failing to thrive on formula
  • babies and toddlers with life-threatening diseases or conditions
  • children with failing immune systems or catastrophic diseases
  • multiple birth babies, often with lactating mothers who can’t keep up with the milk required to nourish two or three infants
  • adopted infants, whose moms believe in the value of breast milk but can’t produce their own
  • babies of mothers whose breast milk isn’t suitable for consumption, either because of disease or prescription medications that pass through the milk

If you are also interested in sharing your breast milk with other babies, check out this link to find a non-profit milk bank near you.

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Start Them Young

This past weekend my Dad, step-mom and cousin came over from southern California to visit. This side of my family has some strong traditions, one of those being Pinochle. And as with all important family traditions, they must be nurtured from a young age!

Jo Jo and Lissie

Opa and Kylie

And to complete the Modugno family experience, the girls enjoyed some loquats while they played.

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Two Month Stats

Wyatt turned 2 months last week, but we didn’t get into the doctor until this morning. The poor little guy had to had his first shots today, which isn’t fun for anybody, but he was such a trooper. He had stopped crying before they started the second leg, and then again before I even picked him up. I am so proud of him!

He also got measured and weighed of course. Here are his stats:

Height:  23 1/2 inches, 50-75th percentile

Weight:  14 lbs 12 oz, 95th percentile!! (he has almost doubled his birth weight)

Head Circumference:  38 cm, 10th percentile

He is roughly the same size as the girls when there were 5 months (and they were in the 50th percentile then!).

And here is a photo from the little man’s two month photo shoot!

In other Wyatt news, he only got up once to eat last night (for the first time ever!) and since he hasn’t used one in weeks, I have packed up his pacifiers. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up!

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Hugs And Love

There has been a whole lot of love going on around here lately. One day the girls insisted I take about 100 pictures of them hugging. It was so cute. here are just a few:


And the little man better get used to girls hanging all over him, because if his big sisters can’t get enough just wait until he gets to high school!

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In Sync

There are so many cool things about being a parent, and having a new little one can be especially amazing.

One cool thing I just learned is that a baby can smell and recognize his mom from up to 20 feet away. It is a pretty incredible bond between a mom and her baby. Did you know that moms and their babies can actually instantly synchronize their heartbeats (to within milliseconds!) simply by looking at each other? To read more about this study click here and here.

Now if only we could bond with a few less middle of the night feedings, that would be wonderful!

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