Have You Heard?

About Elkbar?

Elkbar is an extraordinary penguin. He has cool gadgets like a rocket pack, a refrigerator ray, and a digital watch. The problem is that because he’s got these amazing gadgets (you may not think a digital watch is all that cool, but remember… he is a penguin!) and so the other penguins are jealous and aren’t very nice to him. So Elkbar decides to make the journey to “Really Big Mountain” to get some advice on how to make the other penguins like him from “The great and powerful Fargo Roberts, Wise Moose of the Far East.” He meets some obstacles along the way, and even bigger ones when he finally reaches his home of Penguintonia. Can he save the day from “the Great and Powerful Bob the Robo-Lyon”?


You’ll just have to wait to find out.

This is a child’s book written by a friend of mine, Taylor Mosbey. The awesome artwork is by Chris Fason. It is creative and funny (to both kids and adults) and needs help to get published. So do me a favor and go check out these links. You can check out his Facebook by clicking here, OR go and make a pledge on his Kickstarter account. There you can learn more about this extraordinary penguin and how he came to be. By pledging as little as $5 you can receive Elkbar pins, a poem written about you (by the author of the book) or a digital copy of the book. Other pledges can get you paperback copies, even signed by the author and artist, original artwork, and you can even name a penguin in the book! Pretty cool. (Pledges are deducted only if they reach their goal) So check them out, and throw a little support to a new dad. Oh ya, did I mention the author just had a son? Pretty cute too. Maybe you could make a donation just because his baby is cool.

Ya, I thought so.

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