The Truth

On Monday I had an appointment with my doctor. Just a regular pregnancy check-up, but the truth is, I was really nervous. I didn’t mention it to anyone, but there was a lot of anxiety in my heart leading up to the doctor coming in. First of all, at my last appointment I had done my glucose screen. (Test for gestational diabetes) They had told me before that I had had some sugar in my urine in previous appointments and asked if I was diabetic with the twins. That started my initial worry. I desperately hoped to have a normal, healthy, full-term pregnancy this time around and diabetes was just not in my plans. Secondly, this is exactly how far along I was when they started talking about pre-eclampsia with the twins. My doctor told me I was barely at risk for it from the beginning, and my blood pressures at home have been totally normal, but I worry still. (Me, worry… can you believe it?!) They never tell me my BP at my appointments, so I am not entirely sure what they have looked like there. But they have been telling me “everything is o.k.”

Anyways, I went to my appointment and the nurse weighed me, took my BP and listened for the baby’s heartbeat. She asked if I had been feeling much movement. Yes is the answer, very much so. She wasn’t very warm but told me she thinks I look very good for 31 weeks (size wise). Thank you! It was hard to tell if she thought everything was o.k. so I just sat and waited for the doctor, tapping my fingers on the table. Then finally the doctor cameĀ  in.

And the truth is… everything is totally normal. I passed my glucose screen with no signs of diabetes, and my BP was 120/60, which is great. He said everything is measuring right on and things are going perfectly! No reason to worry at all. Whew! It looks like I might get that healthy, normal, full-term pregnancy after all.

Side note: Vacation this weekend! Check out where we will be come Saturday.

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