My girls are not really girly girls. Sure they like their princess¬† glasses and jammies as much as the next girl, but they also love to climb, get dirty, play with trucks and even soak themselves in lighter fluid. (Did I forget to write that post?!) So when my mom mentioned the idea of painting their nails I said there was no way it would happen. They wouldn’t sit still long enough to paint them, let alone let it dry. But one day Wyatt was sleeping and I needed to clip nails. Alyssa sat on a little stool in the kitchen and it just was perfect for pedicures. So I asked if they wanted one. I know they had no idea what they were agreeing to, but they thought it sounded like fun. I did the whole thing. Washed their feet, used a nice body scrub, a little baby oil rubbed up to their knees, and even let them each pick their own color. Kylie was a bit disappointed when I didn’t have blue on hand, but settled for a pink with sparkles. Here is how it went.

Alyssa’s toes


Kylie’s toes

And they actually let them dry! They stayed in the kitchen (to avoid paint on the carpet) and didn’t touch their nails- even long after I told them they could. They are still asking me not to mess up their nails when I wash their feet. I think we will be doing this again often.

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