A Glimpse Into My Past

Russell and I are going through the garage and found the box of our old yearbooks. I’ve been reading what people wrote to me, and let me tell you there are some treasures there. Freshman and sophomore year everything was dominated by a lot of “Watz up” (but actually with an arrow pointing up) and the word “kewl.” Wow, we were so NOT cool back then. There were a couple that I wanted to share in their entirety, but I will leave out the people’s name in case I am still friends with them today.

“I remember like earlier this year, I think, **** introduced us and I thought you had a weird name. But that’s not important. The important part is that I really had no idea how cool you are. And then I remember seeing you at Great America, don’t know when, and you and ### were being all weird but cool. “

Not sure how much of that is a compliment…

“I just want to say thanks. Thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me. Even though sometimes I think you hate me! Haha. Only because you look @ me weird. 🙂 But that’s o.k.”

O.k. some things never change.

And my personal favorite:

“It’s been unusual having you here. When I needed someone a little different to talk to I could always count on you.”

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