Things They Say- Mispronunciations

I don’t want to forget some of the things the girls say, and here are a few of my favorite mispronunciations.

Hospital= Hop-sit-al

Dinosaur= Dino-horse

Milk= mil-oke

Computer (Alyssa)= cube-a-lar

Computer (Kylie)= co-peeler

Mango= Toe-mango (I guess kinda like tomato)

Salami= Sla-mommy

And although it is not a mispronunciation, one of my all time favorites is what they think a frog says. I will say this had been going on for about a year. I have been told I need to correct them, but it is just so darn cute I can’t do it. I know they are not going to go off to college thinking this, so I figure it will just work itself out along the way. But it will be a sad day for this mommy when her girls realize a frog does not say “Dub-a-dub-a-dub”.

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