Nine Month Stats

Wyatt has his doctors appointment yesterday and is everything is looking pretty good. He is still not eating solid foods yet, and so the doctor referred us to a speech therapist to try to help him work through a texture aversion. I am excited to get a few tips and tricks to try to help my Little Man. But seriously, who would have thought this chubby little baby would need help learning to eat food. Come on! Anyways here are his stats:

Height: 29 inches- 75th percentile

Weight: 21 lbs 15 oz- 75th percentile

Head circumference: 44 1/2 cm- 25th percentile

And he’s happy to boot!

December 2012 031

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Moving On Up

My Little Man isn’t quite so little and has exceeded the weight limit on his infant car seat. So this morning, while I wore a tank top and my husband hung Christmas lights (don’t worry- we won’t be turning them on until Friday night), I installed his convertible big boy car seat. I am very thankful this seat fits in the back along with his sisters seats so we can keep this car going a little longer. And as always, Wyatt approved.

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Five Months

Wow, I suck at posting. Sorry all.

Wyatt is five months old today and is doing great. He sleeps through the night, takes a fabulous 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon (which coincides with the girls nap time as well!), rolls from his belly to his back, and is mighty handsome if you ask me.

We don’t have an appointment for another month, so I don’t have any stats to report, but please enjoy these pictures from his five month photo shoot.

Does this look like Blue Steel, Ferrari, Le Tigre, or Magnum?



How could anyone resist this face?!

Happy Five Months Little Man!

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