I love that the girls talk as much as they do. I look back on videos from even 6 months ago or so and think about how different my life was then. I am actually able to have conversations with them now, which is just so fun. They can tell me about things that happened when I wasn’t around (and have even ratted out their grandparents for giving them cookies at the park- before lunch!) Another fun side of this is that I can see more of their personalities and imaginations. We escaped the heat this past weekend and took a trip up to Mount Charleston, just 1/2 hour out of Vegas. It was 30 degrees cooler for a chilly 70 up there. We found a meadow just off the road, threw down a blanket, and had a picnic. We also explored around a little bit (the girls just wanted to go “up up!” and Kylie kicked and screamed when Daddy brought her down) and found a pile of broken branches to climb on.

Both girls got little scratches on their legs, but nothing major. Kylie’s were a little worse and actually bled a teeny tiny bit.

That is what really happened to her legs. But if you ask her, she’ll tell you that she got bit by a dinosaur.

They are her “dino-horse” bites.

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