Backyard Project- Part 1

I mentioned yesterday that we were having some work done in our backyard. It started with wanting a pool. We’ve been talking since last summer that we would like an above ground pool. Vegas gets so hot in the summer, it is already in the 80’s and it is only the first week of April) and with three little ones getting out, even with family helping, can be a big production. We didn’t want a house with a pool when we were shopping around because of safety reasons, but above ground pools are much easier to childproof. We have a small yard so we need the space to do double duty, so the pool will be taken down during the winter months and we are going to get a portable fire pit to put in its place. All of this is to say we needed a landscaper to come out and level the area for the pool to go. We also have hated the rocks back there since we bought the house. They are too big for Rusty and too big for the little feet and knees that hit them too often. We are going with a much smaller, kid friendly rock. We decided to add some trees, which evolved into fruit trees (yay!) and a small patch of artificial grass to add another play area on the side. I am so excited and can’t wait to see our plans actually come to fruition. The first issue was getting rid of the old rocks. It is almost as expensive to remove rock as it is to buy new rock, and I didn’t want to spend our entire budget simply hauling away rock. I listed it on craigslist and we were able to get rid of 8-10 tons of it. That is easily $1000 worth of work for free. Here are some pictures of our project so far.

backyard project 002

step one: removal of rock

backyard project 012

of course the girls wanted to sit in the little truck

backyard project 013

Kylie being shy

March 2013 362

step two: let the girls play with the old irrigation lines

March 2013 535

step three: put those kids to work!

March 2013 545

step four: attempt to transplant the big rose bush to the front yard

I’ll keep updating as the progress goes on. The landscapers will be working around the end of the month and things should go really quickly at that point. I can’t wait to see our new backyard. The first night I get to put the kids in bed and head out to the pool with my husband and a nice cold beer… ya. That’ll be nice.

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