Firestation Open House

Today we went down to Fire Station 33 for the county’s open house event. It was so awesome and we had a lot of fun. We got to climb on the trucks, shoot the hose, go in an ambulance and medical helicopter, and lots more. Plus they served lunch and had tons of free coloring books, crayons, and toys for the kids. Did I mention it was totally free?!

August 2013 086

August 2013 085

August 2013 087

This was Wyatt’s first time getting to do something like this. I think it is safe to say he enjoyed the experience!

August 2013 091

August 2013 092

August 2013 094

August 2013 096

She told me afterwards “Mommy, I wasn’t shy with that guy! I let him help me.” She was really proud and excited.

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August 2013 117

Apparently this event happens every other month at different Fire Stations. We will be going back for sure. The only thing that they didn’t love was that there were some characters like McGruff the Crime Dog, and a guy inside a big inflatable fireman suit walking around. Alyssa started screaming as soon as she saw that. Also, Russell had to work so he missed out, but otherwise we had a blast.