Kylie continues to amaze me with this whole healing process. After the first day she would say “Owie feels all better. No need band-aid anymore.” But I still made her wear it for sleeping and eating. I loaded up all three kids and took them to the doctor yesterday for her to get the stitches out. It was totally a repeat of getting them done. She didn’t cry, squirm, or even flinch when he was working on her. He commented how patient and brave she was while he was digging out all the little leftover pieces. It does seem to be healing up pretty nicely and even though there are those close to us who are hoping for a way to tell the girls apart, I love her little face so much I hope she can have little or no scar at the end of all this.

Day 1

Day 4

Day 6- with stitches

Day 6- no more stitches

Dr. Downey also loved that she wore her doctor coat to her appointment today. Maybe after this she will consider a future in medicine?

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