More From Boy

A few more days have gone by, and Boy has mostly just been hanging around checking things out. One day he hung on the clock in the girls’ room to surprise them when they woke up.

December 2012 044

He hung out in our kitchen for a little while, (sideways/upside down- which the girls thought was SO funny)

December 2012 042

He visited our tree the day after we got it, (please ignore my complete lack of effort in hiding our light wires)

December 2012 041

And one day he must have missed Santa and so he sat in the Santa candy bowl,

December 2012 040

He hung on our living room light,

December 2012 056

and today he is perched on the top of the fridge.

December 2012 058

Some mornings Daddy has been really surprised at how easily the girls find Boy. They are incredibly observant and have had no trouble spotting him before they even eat breakfast. They are having so much from with this tradition and have started talking to Boy about their days. It is so cute. I am really happy we started it this year!