The Freeze

O.k. so maybe I’ll be losing a few readers in the coming weeks.

I won’t be posting a lot, and when I do it will probably be mostly about diapers and milk since that is about the extent of my life at the moment. Today’s post is no exception.

I am a lucky mom who doesn’t have to worry about my breast milk supply. Well, not the traditional worry. Wyatt is still less than three weeks old, but we have encountered a problem with my milk. There is just too much of it! Not that too much milk is really a bad thing, but storing it is becoming an issue. The first bag I put in the freezer was marked 3-4-2012. Today is the 20th. With just over two weeks worth of milk in there I have already filled the bottom drawer of the freezer with over 250 ounces. And that is in addition to actually feeding him every two-three hours as well! At this rate our entire freezer will be taken over in about a month and a half. Since we actually use our freezer for important things like frozen fruits and veggies, meats (and of course ice cream!) we need another solution.

So deep freezer shopping it is! Does anyone have any recommendations, or cautions to share with us?

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