Hey, remember when I used to post like every once in a while? Ya, things have been busy. The girls have been doing swim class at the city pool for the last 2-ish months. We are also in the middle of redoing our backyard a bit. We had three birthdays and all of our parents visit in a short amount of time. Oh ya, and we still have three kids three and under. But I miss sharing what is going on in our lives and want to try to get back to posting a little more often. Like I mentioned, the girls have been doing swim class and today was their last day. They are by no means close to swimming on their own yet, but are much more comfortable kicking, scooping with their arms/hands, jumping in, and putting their faces in the water. (Only sort of on that last one!) An above ground pool is in the works for our new backyard and that combined with doing really well at swim class new suits were in order.

April 2013 012

Here they are demonstrating holding their noses. Side note: these swimsuits are 5T. My girls just turned 3.

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