Solid Foods- Part One: Rice Cereal

With Wyatt turning six months last week our doctor gave us the o.k. to go ahead and start giving him some solid foods. Russell is home from work today for Labor Day, and so I thought it was the perfect time. Of course we started with rice cereal mixed with some breast milk.

Here he is getting ready!


What is this? …. Guys!? …… What are you doing to me!?!

It actually looks a lot worse than it was. He didn’t love it, but he didn’t cry or anything either. He mostly turned his head away from the spoon. We’ll keep at it. Something tells me this little boy will learn to love food.

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The Magic Of Milk

I apologize in advance if this post grosses you out. I am sure someday my son will be embarrassed that I even shared this.

I am lucky to be a mom that is able to provide breast milk for my children. For the girls I was able to pump for over a year, and Wyatt is able to nurse beautifully (and that I am very thankful for!) I do still pump usually twice a day since I have a very large milk supply, and someday this extra milk will come in handy. I’ll be able to go out with friends or out on a date with my handsome husband, and won’t have to worry about making it back in time to feed the little man.

But breast milk can actually be so much more than just the best food I can give him. Last week we noticed Wyatt’s eye was a little goopy. By the end of the day it was so crusted he couldn’t even open it. It was so sad. After a little research we learned it was probably a clogged tear duct, very common to newborns. The thing is, with clogging can come infection (like stagnant water). So I massaged his little tear duct while he was eating, and after he was done I put a couple drops of breast milk in the corner of his eye. You see, breast milk has MILLIONS of LIVING white blood cells and other antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic factors. My milk went out on attack and cleared that clogged tear duct up within 24 hours. Now that is something formula just can’t do!

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