My Body

It is no secret. I have three kids. I had three kids in less than three years. I had TWINS and then another baby only 25 months later. You might be able to imagine exactly what that does to a belly. (I won’t show you, so just use your imagination.)

I will tell you I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. And I don’t look like those super active teenage girls who can pretty much walk around in a bikini 24/7 and look fantastic. (Kara!) And I don’t look like I spend hours hitting the gym everyday like those celebrities who drop all their baby weight within weeks of giving birth.

But that is o.k. You know why?

Because I am not a model. And thank God for that! I like to eat way too much. And I’m not 17. And I don’t have hired help to raise my kids and cook my meals and clean my house so I can have all those hours everyday to work out. (And really, if I had all that what are the odds that I would actually choose to spend time exercising?)

What I am is a mom. And that is an incredible thing. Let me rephrase my thought… My Body Is An Incredible Thing.

My body has done exactly what it was designed to do. It has safely brought three little lives into this world. It has protected and nourished those three babies (and actually even more than that thanks to milk donation)

Sure I can feel self conscious about my “twin skin” as I like to call it, or get discouraged trying on clothes. You will probably never see me cruising the beach in a bikini again thanks to my lovely stretch marks. But I am proud of what my body has done.

I am proud.

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