To Top Them Off

You all might have seen what the presents from Santa will be looking like in our house. Click here if you missed it. Well, I have been thinking about what to do about putting their names on them. I can’t write them myself, since that will be obvious in a few years, and I really didn’t want to make individual stamps with each of their names. Russell suggested stamps with just their first initial, but I thought that seemed a little too impersonal for Santa. Then I stumbled upon a free gift tag printable on Pinterest and altered it just a little bit in Paint. This is what I came up with:


If you would like to recreate these tags (or something similar) for yourself, here are the free resources I used.

Free Printables- Gift Tags, and the font I used for their names is called Things We Said and is available for free download here. I printed them on cream colored paper, and tied them into the twine bow. I think it is the perfect way to top the presents off. Now all we have to do is wait for Christmas!

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Too Long

It has been too long since I have posted anything. And it isn’t for lack of things going on, we have just been busy and I haven’t found the time to write. This post will be a little scattered, so I apologize in advance.

First, Wyatt. He pulled himself up to standing on Saturday. I was able to snap a quick picture. His feet are flat his jammies are just too big and were folded at the bottom.

December 2012 129

He is also making progress with eating after meeting with the speech therapist. His lunch today was the best so far, he took at least one bit of everything on this tray. We have another appointment tomorrow and I am excited to talk to her about how he is coming along and see if she has any more tips or suggestions.

December 2012 137

The kids got to meet Santa at a twin moms event this weekend. The girls are incredibly shy and totally freeze up when strangers are around, so even though they had said they wanted to sit on Santa’s lap I wasn’t going to hold my breath. They didn’t talk or smile for a picture, but they did sit on Santa’s lap, which for my girls shows they were really excited about it. Afterwards they told us all about it too. Kylie told me “Santa said hi to me!” I asked them if they told Santa what they wanted for Christmas and they said no, they were too shy. But they said “Mommy will tell Santa.” They are still learning all about this Santa thing and Kylie was confused about the timeline. After we left the party she said “Santa forgot to give us presents!” So I had to tell her he would come back on Christmas and give her her presents then. On our way driving up to see Santa Russell and I were talking about Santa’s clothes. Russell asked what animal fur is supposed to be red (since in The Night Before Christmas it says he was dressed in fur from his head to his foot) and I said maybe it was dyed. Kylie immediately yelled “Santa no died!!!”



December 2012 134




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Nine Month Stats

Wyatt has his doctors appointment yesterday and is everything is looking pretty good. He is still not eating solid foods yet, and so the doctor referred us to a speech therapist to try to help him work through a texture aversion. I am excited to get a few tips and tricks to try to help my Little Man. But seriously, who would have thought this chubby little baby would need help learning to eat food. Come on! Anyways here are his stats:

Height: 29 inches- 75th percentile

Weight: 21 lbs 15 oz- 75th percentile

Head circumference: 44 1/2 cm- 25th percentile

And he’s happy to boot!

December 2012 031

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Nine Months

Wyatt is nine months today! It seems like he has grown up so much this past month. He now has four (going on six) teeth and is officially crawling. He mostly army crawls (belly on the ground) but he is also up on hands and knees sometimes- mostly in the kitchen, which I think is funny because the floor is much more slippery than on the carpet. He is also experimenting with hands and feet, just to make sure he finds the most efficient way to get around. He is an absolute joy and one of the happiest babies ever. He is incredibly ticklish too. His feet, his sides, his armpits, his thighs, his neck, and his back are all places he is ticklish!

Wyatt nine months 001

nine month man

Wyatt nine months 017

Wyatt nine months 008

sisters wanted to join in on the photo shoot fun

Wyatt nine months 006

crawling away for something more exciting.

Wyatt nine months 010

Could this kid be any happier?

Wyatt nine months 021

Happy nine months to my Little Man! I love you so much 🙂

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Moving On Up

My Little Man isn’t quite so little and has exceeded the weight limit on his infant car seat. So this morning, while I wore a tank top and my husband hung Christmas lights (don’t worry- we won’t be turning them on until Friday night), I installed his convertible big boy car seat. I am very thankful this seat fits in the back along with his sisters seats so we can keep this car going a little longer. And as always, Wyatt approved.

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Eight Month Man

I can’t believe how much faster the time seems to go with baby #3. It is crazy. No way is this kid eight months already. And yet, here we are. The main development this month is the arrival of two teeth. I thought I would be able to add crawling to the list also, because he is just SO close, but he isn’t quite there yet. Right now he gets up on all fours and rocks a lot. He also lunges himself forward and faceplants. It doesn’t seem to phase him though. He is such a trooper. Last night he hit his head on the table multiple times and he didn’t have one thing to say about it.  We have house guests this weekend so maybe someone else will be here for his first crawl. I keep telling Russell “If he looks like he is going to start crawling while I am in the shower, you pick him up!” I don’t want to miss it. I am around them all 24/7, so it would be just my luck he’d do it the first time while I am checking the mail or something stupid.

Anyways, here are his photo shoot pictures. And it seems like my cousin Dana (who has bought all the animals for the kids photo shoots) had a bit of physic ability when she picked a dog for Wyatt. He LOVES dogs and will just laugh and laugh watching Rusty do just about anything. See here. If you can watch that and not smile about the 22 second mark there is just something wrong with you.

Happy eight months to my awesome Little Man. You are more fun each and every day. I am so proud of you!

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Happy Halloween!

The girls sorta remember last year. They knew they’d get to wear their costumes and would get candy from our neighbors. But for my Little Man, this was his first ever Halloween. He won’t be getting any candy, doesn’t know or care about a costume, and isn’t entirely sure what to do with his pumpkin, but gosh he is cute!

I hope everyone had a happy safe and happy night tonight. Here is our family represented in pumpkins. (The girls thought my Rusty one was a fox, but oh well!)

Kylie, Anina, Wyatt, Russell, Alyssa

The trio about to set out.

Happy Halloween! Now it’s time the “inspect” the kids candy. 🙂

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On The Move

He may not be crawling yet, but that doesn’t mean my Little Man exactly stays where I put him either. He has figured out a few ways to get around and into trouble. Oh what fun these next few months will be. And look at that face! He is so proud of himself 🙂

(He started out on the blanket) Today his fascination was with the knobs on the cabinet. And he seemed really interested in the TV but couldn’t figure out how to turn it on…yet.

At his age now (7 months 3 weeks) Kylie had been crawling for about a week, and Alyssa did about 3 weeks later. I just love watching little ones crawl! I really am looking forward to all the shenanigans he is about to get into.

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I have something special to share with you today. Little Man’s first tooth has finally made its first appearance in a photograph!

See it right there? That tiny speck of white tooth on the bottom? Yeah, I am one proud Mama.

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