Children’s Books, What Are You Doing?

I’ve posted before about some weird things I’ve found in some of the girls books. Like this one here. And it should be pretty obvious to anyone who reads nursery rhymes that there is some seriously weird stuff out there.¬† I know they all have like hidden meanings and propaganda against the king of England or something, but why are we continuing to read these to our kids? Without further ado…


So… why?

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Is This Really Necessary?

I know I am going to get a few people finding my blog by some very weird web searches after this post, but I made a commitment to blog about my crazy life and here is just one more thing.

My girls love books. They always have. Wyatt is starting to follow in their footsteps as well. So whenever people find books at yard sales or anything they pick them up for our kids. Recently they got a few new bags of books and one of them included one titled “The Difficult Day” written by Joy Cowley and illustrated by Jan van der Voo. It is a book about a little girl who is having a hard day. Great, fine, whatever. That’s not my point. One time I was reading it and realized the artwork was a little more detailed than I found necessary.

So I ask you… does the cat really need a butt-hole? Oh, and it doesn’t just make one appearance.

Any time that poor cat is facing the wrong way he is violated!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, check out the back cover.

Seriously, Jan van der Voo? Come on. Was that really necessary?

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Things have been a little crazy recently. Our second car died which means Russell is taking what is normally my car everyday. We have spent almost all of our weekend time the past two weekends trying to find a replacement with no luck. He has a short weekend (yesterday) and a long week starting today. An extra day, earlier mornings and one later night. Oh, and the girls are going through an “I’m gonna have random fits over nothing every other minute” phase. I am tired. Also between Halloween costumes, Wyatt’s Christmas stocking, diaper orders, and aprons for a family reunion I am a little overrun in the craft department. (Which didn’t stop me from buy a new machine and entering a whole new crafty world, but more on that later.)

I don’t really have much energy left to be entertaining on my blog, so I won’t especially try. I do want to share a couple things I thought were interesting with you. Funny, sad, a little of both maybe. The first is a comment left on a blog I read. It was a post about their families transition into the world of kindergarten. This is a comment left by another follower, not the author of the blog. I copied and pasted exactly as it was, with no editing.

“I am a teacher of preschooler and I think that the school put a lot of pressure on the kids and their parent for they learn to read…

when they want and be interesting in read the will do,do not worry about that”

Please don’t teach any of my kids!

The second thing I wanted to share was from Netflix. We got down to only one movie left on our queue so I needed to add some more. A problem we have is that we don’t have TV at home and never go to the movies, so I am not really up to date on what movies are out there and what might be worth seeing. So I was looking under the “suggestions for you” section. If you don’t know it’ll say something like “because of your interest in X, Y and Z we think you’ll like A” (except movie names, not letters) Here is one of the suggestions.

Really? John Adams and SNL: The best of Chris Farley?


Are there any two shows more at opposite ends of the spectrum? How could anything be suggested for me based on these two shows? While I am on the subject of Netflix, did you know “Emotional Social Issue Dramas” is one of their categories?

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Is This Good Parenting?

I guess more specifically I am wondering if the parents in this video asked themselves that question.

If you actually had the stomach to watch all two and a half minutes of that cute little girl hugging and petting a dead squirrel, you might be feeling the same way I did.

WHAT are these parents thinking?

Generally I try not to judge other parents for how they choose to raise their kids, but this kinda takes that to a whole new place. My first thought was “Oh boy, wait until this guy’s wife sees this.” Until, nope… she’s there in the video too. I will give this dad as much credit as I can possibly muster and say, at least he did say she was going straight into the bath afterwards.

Now as you might have been able to gather from my other posts, I am not a germ-a-phobe. I did, just his morning, let my girls chase and squash bugs in our back yard. But I do believe it is our job as parents to say at some point:

“No, the animal carcass is just not a toy.”

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