Wednesday Wonderings, 4-13

How come the books that cost eight or nine dollars are torn apart after about 5 minutes,

and the cheap-o books we got at the dollar store are not messed up at all?

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Wednesday Wonderings, 3-23

Back when the girls were first born, they were too small for our cloth diapers. (Alyssa was less than 4 1/2 pounds) So for the first couple weeks of their lives they wore disposable diapers. That time made me ask a serious question.

Why do they put cartoon characters on diapers?

Especially little tiny diapers. Was there someone out there that said “Babies won’t want to wear diapers unless Elmo is on them”? The girls barely knew who WE were let alone Winnie the Pooh. And it isn’t like diapers aren’t expensive enough already. Couldn’t they skip the cartoon printing and save us all a few bucks?

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Wednesday Wonderings, 3-16

Why do stores that are specifically for babies and kids have the smallest aisles in the world?

Are we the only parents out there whose kids try to grab every item off every shelf and rack? And yet places like Gymboree and Carter’s aisles are so tight that while it can be difficult to even maneuver a stroller (let alone a double stroller!) it is nearly impossible to keep little hands from pulling down everything we walk by.

Is this simply to help the economy? Are we creating employment for the people in those stores?

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Wednesday Wonderings, 3-2

We were fortunate enough that Russell had 3 days off in a row this week. Yay! So we made quick use of those days and visited some local redwoods, and made a trip down to the Oakland Zoo. But today is Wednesday, so it is time for me to wonder…

How can a 22 pound toddler be so strong?

When one of my daughters is holding on to something they shouldn’t be (the computer stand, the oven door, etc) how can they be so hard to pull away. I weigh (blank) times more than they do, yet I am pulling almost as hard as I can and somehow they are still attached! How is this possible?

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Wednesday Wonderings, 2-23

Have you ever noticed how in a department store, the baby and toddler stuff is always situated right next to the china and crystal?

Why is this?

Is it because they have a “You Break It, You Buy It” policy and it is the only way they sell anything?

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