A Rainy Day

Here in Las Vegas we don’t get a lot of rain, so it makes sense it is a very exciting experience for the kids. Mine have all enjoyed watching it from inside and the girls stripped down and ran around the back yard in it earlier.

Wyatt getting to wear long sleeves! The girls insisted on being in the picture, but didn’t want to smile or look.

watching the water rise out the front door

they really wanted to go play in it

better than TV to my kids!


warming up inside after playing in the rain

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You might remember just four days ago I posted a picture where it was nearly 120 at our house.

Well, last night was quite different. A storm came through town. Lightening and thunder that knocked out power, shook windows and set off car alarms, rain (that made us wonder if our house might flood) and HAIL.

Greetings from Las Vegas in July! That is hail hitting the standing water collecting right outside our front door.

Our backyard after the storm had passed.

We did lose power, but for less than a minute. And although the thunder and hail was super loud and scared the bajeebees out of our pets, amazingly all the kids slept right through it. Probably better that way. Hopefully everyone stayed safe and was able to just enjoy a rare storm in Vegas.

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Summer In Las Vegas

Ya, It’s no joke.

I took this one yesterday afternoon…

And I had to include this one from last night at almost 11pm. Yep, it is still almost 100 even at night.

So, who is ready to plan their visit??

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See You Later, Alligator

Here are just a few reasons why I am glad summer is on the way out!

  • Cooler temperatures! Yes I know for many parts of the country this has already begun, but here is Las Vegas it is still supposed to be 105 today. It is only 75 out now and that feels wonderful. While I do love the warm weather, this summer has been especially hard trying to entertain two 18 month olds in the heat. You see, we are a one car family for now and that one car drives my husband down to Henderson everyday. And I am sorry, but I am not about to push a double stroller and 50+ pounds of kids the mile each way to go to the park in 100 degree weather. (Actually, I am not sorry) So we spend most of our days stuck around the house.
  • Getting dark earlier! This might seem like a funny thing to wish for, but as a parent with small children I can tell you it makes my life easier. Our kids go to bed at 7pm. The problem is that during summer the sun is still bright and shining at that time. Kids thrive on cues and signals (the reason why many parents use a bedtime routine) and the only signal the sun is sending at that time is “I’m still up, let’s keep playing”. Not helpful sun… not helpful.
  • Neighborhood kids inside! This could almost be included in the getting dark earlier, but I think school nights play into it as well, so that’s why I am making it it’s own point. It sure is hard to get our girls to sleep when there are kids playing outside in the street. Especially since their window faces the street and picks up a lot of the noise.
  • Lower energy bills! This one is pretty self explanatory. Russell and I try to live a pretty frugal life. But in the summer time in Las Vegas keeping our energy bill low is not an easy task. We do pay much less than many people as we keep our house a bit on the warm side at 82 degrees, but our bill during the summer months is about 4-5 times as high as it is during the winter. Ouch!
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Thanks for the rain this morning, Las Vegas! We enjoyed it!

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