A Household Word

I confess I am strange, and sometimes I lead others down the same path. Today I want to share with you a word that we use in our family that steamed from a high school summer camp about a decade ago.


Family and friends just laughed when they read that. They laughed not because this type of fish is known for their comedy, but because in our house that word has a different meaning. It means poop. It is a long and actually not very interesting story about how that word came to mean what it does to me, so I will just share with you some funny pictures and stories. Since trout is a fairly common word (and often associated with food) it becomes very funny to see and think of it as poop.

It is not uncommon for people to give me trout socks, pens, notepads, as gifts. (<— my in-laws) I have been known to get phone calls from people driving saying “The car in front of me has a license plate cover that says ‘We Love Trouting’!” (<— my brother) and one from my best friend (who was in a bathroom at a funeral) who called to tell me the bathroom wallpaper was covered with fish and it said TROUT in big letters all over.

On a drive back from Dallas I yelled for Russell to pull over immediately because I saw this billboard:

People often take pictures of trout things for me, or send me articles from the paper about trout. Here are a couple others I have saved.

Russell recently set up my Google Reader to alert me when new articles come out with ‘trout’ in the title. A couple of my favorites include this story about 100 Iowa Trout Tagged With Prizes, and this one about a lake with a bunch of new trout thanks to the boy scouts. If you have found this funny at all, please go read that article. It features lines like:

“But we’re talking trout here.”

“But why were the trout even in the lake.┬áThe Boy Scouts were having a camporee this past weekend.”

and “Hundreds of scouts, 500 trout…”

I hope this post has made you smile. I think you’ll be smiling the next time you see trout on a menu, and hopefully you’ll take a picture and pass it along to me with any fun ‘trout’ things you find.

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