New Toy

Is there such a thing as age specific toys to kids?

I was able to sell our girls’ (very girly tea party)¬†exersaucer on craigslist for the exact price we paid for it two years ago, AND buy Wyatt a new (more boy appropriate farm animals) one for 5 dollars less! YAY! Side note, what did people do before craigslist? Anyways only minutes after bringing it in the door, with Wyatt still asleep in his car seat, the girls descended on the new toy in the house.

Poor Wyatt. Will anything ever be “just his”?

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Start Them Young

This past weekend my Dad, step-mom and cousin came over from southern California to visit. This side of my family has some strong traditions, one of those being Pinochle. And as with all important family traditions, they must be nurtured from a young age!

Jo Jo and Lissie

Opa and Kylie

And to complete the Modugno family experience, the girls enjoyed some loquats while they played.

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Sponge Shapes

Who says toys for toddlers have to be expensive? Who say learning toys for toddlers have to be expensive? Here is a super cheap, easy and fun idea to try at home.

Buy some colorful sponges at walmart or the dollar store. Cut them into different shapes. I used circle, square, heart, star, and triangle. And let your little ones play! You can talk about the different shapes as you play, or group them by color for a different learning activity. My girls love to toss them and see how the shapes bounce and roll differently. They will also enjoy watching what happens when water is added to a dry sponge.

separated by color

separated by shape

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Some Rockin’ New Shoes, And Other Random Things

It was time to buy the girls some new shoes for fall/winter. Sandals won’t work year round- even in Las Vegas, plus the ones they have been using the past few months are pretty beat up (they may have been super glued back together more than once), not to mention since my girls are growing so well they barely fit in them anymore. So off to the store we went.

After trying on many pairs we finally hit the jackpot. Check out these awesome shoes!

Seriously, how Jem and the Holograms are these things?

While we are talking about some old school 80’s, check out my awesome Barbie and the Rockers lunchbox… with matching thermos.

AND my Cool Times Barbie lunchbox, which reminds me a lot of the Saved By The Bell intro.

While I was looking for my old lunchboxes I found something else interesting. Look at what I found with all my Barbie stuff.

A double stroller.

Apparently even my Barbies had twins. I guess some things are just meant to be. And leave it to Barbie… those car seats even snap in and out for added convenience.

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How To Beat The Heat

In Las Vegas in the summer a parent must get creative with fun new things to do with their kids. And since we are a one car family with a 30 minute commute that means we must have a lot of exciting toys in our arsenal to rotate in and out. The newest addition?

The Ball Pit!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a ball pit? I wish we had an adult sized one. But while the image of a ball pit at Chuck-E-Cheese or Burger King might not be your idea of sanitary… one at home is inexpensive, fun and clean. I picked up a small inflatable pool (with an inflatable bottom for nose dives)

and 300 brightly colored balls. (which sounds like much more than it actually is)

and voila! An at home ball pit.

And do you think they enjoyed it?




And what is Daddy for? Swinging us upside down with our face in the balls of course.

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