Some Wyatt Updates

Wyatt has officially moved into his own room, all by himself.

I know everyone has their own ideas about kids and sleeping arrangements but this is what we have done. All three kids have slept in our room, in a separate cradle/pack & play, for the first six months. Not one of them has ever slept in our bed at night. At six months they moved into the nursery. The girls shared a crib until they were about 14 or 15 months old and then each went into their own crib. At 17ish months they started climbing out of those cribs and moved into toddler beds, which they are still in. The first couple of nights Wyatt slept in the nursery I slept on the twin bed in there to help him adjust. The first night he woke up 3 times and seemed to realize he was in a different place. The next two nights he didn’t wake at all, and when he woke up in the morning he happily looked and kicked around. The first night he slept in his room alone I accidentally had the monitor turned way down and didn’t even hear him. I got up once to check on all of the kids (the girls have been running some low grade fevers but have no other symptoms) and I found him mostly asleep but sucking vigorously on his thumb (which he only does when hungry). Since he was mostly asleep I went back to bed, but heard him making more noise a few minutes later so I just got up and fed him. He went right back to sleep in his bed and didn’t stir until the morning. He wakes up so quite and happy even with the monitor it is hard to tell when he is awake.

He still likes to sleep with a foot out of the bars on his bed, although the crib only allows one foot not most of his leg like the cradle did. I think he knows he is going to be tall and figures he has a lifetime ahead of him of his feet hanging over the edge of the bed. That is actually the way I sleep. On my stomach all the way down the bed with my feet hanging over. Oh, it is so comfortable. It is the thing I miss most when I am pregnant.

Wyatt is also making progress with his solid foods. He still isn’t loving them, but he gags far less than he did the first two days, and so far likes the rice cereal more than the oatmeal. He will be trying peas later today!

“Mom, what is with all the pink bowls? You have a boy now, time to update things a bit!”

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Instead Of Taking A Nap

… this is what they did.

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When He’s Out

He is OUT.

Recently Wyatt was sleeping in one of those vibrating chairs in the kitchen while I cleaned and the girls ate dinner. It had been a short nap day for the girls and at the end of dinner they just lost it. Crying, screaming, and inconsolable just feet away from him. He kept right on sleeping. Then while I was cleaning their trays up I accidentally broke a plate. He didn’t flinch. Hopefully this is something he will be able to do for a long time to come because in this house quiet moments are few and far between.

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Snuggle Bugs

I know, I know.

I have taken a serious break from my blog recently. Although I think most of you can forgive me and understand. I do kind of have my hands full and am adjusting to a new schedule and routine. BUT, I do have lots to share with you. Unfortunately, all the drafts I have in mind have only been written in my head, and there isn’t an easy way to post them from there 🙂

You can, however, start getting excited for Wyatt’s one month stats and his monthly photo shoot pictures, Adventures in Potty Training, a Kylie Artwork post, and more. For today I just want to share a couple pictures of the girls. Kylie has started climbing out of her bed to snuggle with her sister at night. Usually when they get out of their beds we put them back before we go to bed, but these nights we have left them where they are. It is just too cute to break up.

Alyssa left, Kylie right

Kylie left, Alyssa right

And yes, Kylie was wearing pajamas when she went to bed. You can actually see them behind her…

Kylie left, Alyssa right

Kind of reminds me of their old NICU picture. Some things never change.

Kylie left, Alyssa right

Born together, best friends forever.

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Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

When I said Kylie was our funny sleeper. Or maybe they are twins and are more similar than we even realize, because Alyssa has apparently found a new favorite position to sleep in, and it hardly seems comfortable.

Please notice she is wearing different pj’s and has different sheets on her bed. These photos are from two separate nights.

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