Kitchen Science

The girls received a subscription to Green Kid Crafts as part of their birthday present this year and the first box arrived yesterday. This morning we sat down after doing our daily calendar time and did the first craft.

Soap Making

Step one was putting in little erasers as a prize inside each soap. Then I microwaved the soap to melt it and poured in the fine glitter. The girls stirred it all in.March 2014 216

March 2014 220

Lissie even let Wyatt help her stir.

Then it was time to pour it into each mold. They mostly did this themselves and did a great job.

March 2014 217


March 2014 222


Then we waited for them to cool. After about 1/2 hour we had our finished project!

March 2014 224

I tried to convince them to save the other crafts for another day, but they were just too excited we had to do one more.

Fizzy Bath Balls

For this one we used baking soda, citric acid, one tea bag, coconut oil and an 1/8tsp water.

March 2014 225

The girls with the instructions and supplies.

They helped stir all the ingredients together and then packed the mixture into easter egg halves for the mold.

March 2014 227

March 2014 228

Wyatt got to help me pack it down too.

The finished project for this one has to dry and harden overnight so we put them on a plate with a towel. They had a lot of fun and I think the girls will be really excited to use their new crafts the next time they take a bath.


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