Potty Chart Extravaganza

We are deep in the throes of potty training Wyatt. In our house we use a sticker reward system. Luckily my kids see the sticker as the reward and don’t need anything extra special for completing a chart. He gets a little sticker for “number one” and a big sticker “number two.” Wyatt is thrilled enough to pick a new character each time he completes a chart, which on a good day is about every day. I make simple charts using whatever character he picks and circled numbers using Paint and I thought you might get a giggle looking at the different characters he picks, and maybe I could save someone else some time if they are looking for a abominable snow monster potty chart. That’s normal, right?

We started with a Thomas potty chart

ThomasNext he wanted Zurg. The toy Buzz Lightyear fights in Toy Story.


Then he wanted Olaf


Next it was Buzz.

Buzz LightyearThen it was Marshmallow (the snow monster from Frozen)

Marshmallow_(Frozen)He also wanted Woody.

woody-toy-storyAnd like I mentioned the Abominable “Bubble” snow monster from Rudolf

AbominableFlynn and Rapunzel for his sisters’ birthday party

flynn-rapunzelAnd today he picked Percy

PercyFeel free to right click to save any of these charts for your own personal use.

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Three Year Stats

Russell stayed home this morning with Wyatt so I could take the girls to the doctor by myself. Errands are getting so much easier now that they are getting older. No more loading them into the stroller, no more worrying about keeping them entertained while we wait. And just the two of them… that was almost a breeze. The only thing that added a slight amount of time was the fact that this was our first major outing (about 2 hours) wearing only underwear. I took a chance too since they have never actually peed on a public toilet before, and never even attempted to try in a bathroom with stalls. But they both did great and went two times each (once when we first got there and once before we left). The second time I asked them if they wanted to use the same bathroom (since it is a big medical building there are lots of bathrooms) or a different one. They both chose different. They liked choosing which stall they wanted to use, and during both times we only saw one other person so they had the privacy they like.

The doctor checked them all out and says they are doing perfect. We don’t have to go back for another year (unless someone breaks something or needs more stitches out) đŸ™‚ Here are their three year stats:


Height: 38 1/2 inches, 75-90th percentile

Weight: 33 1/2 pounds, 75th percentile

Blood Pressure: 88/58


Height: 38 1/2 inches, 75-90th percentile

Weight: 34 1/2 pounds, 75-90th percentile

Blood Pressure: 98/60

Adventures In Potty Training- Part 3

After months and months of little to no interest in potty training the girls are finally ready, and there is no slowing them down. We are leaving soon for a trip for their birthday and so I had intended on simply getting them more comfortable on the potty before then, and then focusing on training after our return. But it doesn’t seem like they really want to wait now! For the past month or so they have been able to go pee (in their diapers) before bed, so they would stay dry a good portion of the night. Last week I brought in their portable froggy potties into their room and had them try to pee in those before bed. The first night they sat, but were unwilling to pee. I decided to put their diapers back on but return them to the potty to go there. Alyssa did, but Kylie did not. The next night Alyssa actually did pee sans diaper, and Kylie peed with her diaper. The night after that they were both peeing on the potty before bed. That was the extent that I was planning on doing before our trip… just to get them a little more comfortable. BUT, the girls have more in mind and started asking to go before nap. And then the next day it was a couple times a day. Now they are asking to go use the potty every time! We have an insert for the regular toilet that they use too, so we will be bringing it on our trip with us. (The froggy potties are too big to bring both with us) But we will also be bringing plenty of diapers for the whole trip. The way I see it, I don’t want to make them worried about it on their birthday vacation so there will be absolutely no pressure. But if they ask and want to use the potty I don’t want to have to tell them no either! Every time they pee they get to wash hands with special potty soap in a hippopotamus dispenser and get to put a sticker on a potty chart.

I made these charts way back in April of last year. They still love Elmo thankfully! Last time we tried introducing them to the potty Alyssa had slightly more luck (and luck was all it was) and had more stickers on her chart. Kylie was trying, but it made her sad. I hated that and didn’t know how to reward one without the other one feeling left out. So we decided to just give stickers and let them put them anywhere on either chart and it has worked so much better. For them picking a sticker is enough of a reward and working up to something else is not needed. Today Kylie asked me to print off another chart since these ones were all full. What a good problem to have!

January 2013 127

January 2013 128


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For The Love Of “Underwears”

You may remember I posted part one of a potty training serious way back when. Well you might be wondering what has been happening around here since then, and the answer is not much. After a few days of wanting to sit on the potty (with only long periods of time waiting and luck on our side) the girls lost interest. I am a big believer that it isn’t going to work until they are ready, so we didn’t push the issue. We still talk about it with them, but they haven’t wanted to try again. Yesterday however they decided they wanted to wear underwear (or “underwears” as they call it) instead of diapers. So I let them for a little bit. I told them we weren’t going to go pee pee in our underwear and they needed to tell me if they had to go. Alyssa has told us one time while we were at a park with no potty around, so I thought maybe they could try it. Well, they wore their training underwear for a little more than an hour and stayed dry. They did however refuse to try sitting on the potty and I was buried in laundry and couldn’t watch them as closely as I would like for potty training, so the diapers went back on. BUT I still think it is a win that they were able to stay dry for so long. We have family visiting this weekend and things will be kinda hectic, but after they are gone and life will be “normal” for a little while I think we are going to just go for it and switch to underwear and see how it goes. They are very excited to wear their colored underwears with stripes and hearts on it that we have for them. And there is just something so cute about little butts without diapers on.

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Adventures In Potty Training- Part 1

The girls have only recently started to show any interest in potty training, and since they are just two and their lives got turned upside down with a new baby I haven’t wanted to push the issue. But I did pull out their big girl frog potties that my grandmother got for them months ago. I figured if they were out the girls might get more excited about it. Right away they wanted to sit on them, and since they needed diaper changes and to get dressed anyways, I stripped them down and let them go for it. Both girls were excited to sit for a moment, but then they started to freak out. They cried and told me the potty was scary. Not wanting to traumatize them, I told them that it was totally o.k. and that they could get up. They wanted new diapers and they got dressed. A little later they wanted to try again, this time with their clothes on. Fine. Great. They sat down and I told them how proud I was and took lots of pictures of them being big girls. (Hey small victories, right?!) That evening we showed the pictures to Daddy and he told them how proud he was too. Then they told him the “potty not scary” which I am going to call a win!



Rusty even came in to show his support!

Stay tuned, for more of our adventures in potty training!

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