Baltic Amber Baby- Review And A Giveaway!

I am so super excited to introduce you to something I recently discovered.  Amber teething necklaces. When I first heard about a friend using teething necklaces I thought it was something that the baby chewed on that provided relief. Let me say right off the bat, that was totally wrong.

Here is some info from Baltic Amber Baby’s site:

“Amber has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to relieve pain in both young children and adults. It has been shown to provide pain relief and remedy the complications that occur during teething. These include pain, lack of appetite, upset stomach, excessive drooling, fever, ear aches and cold. Amber is also a powerful antioxidant, helps to compensate for low energy in the body and in the brain, thus boosting awareness, energy, concentration and reflexes and reduces stress. So how do they work? When worn against the skin, the warmth of the skin releases healing oils within the resin, which contain succinic acid, which then get absorbed into the bloodstream. Many mothers would prefer not to give their babies over the counter drugs during teething and these necklaces provide 24 hour pain relief and relief from the associated symptoms from teething, in a non invasive and side effect free way.”

My experience with the Baltic Amber Baby teething necklaces:

Let me start off my saying- the girls have not exactly been easy teethers. I don’t love loading them up with Tylenol, but I hate watching them suffer so much. So when I received a sample necklace in the mail I was very excited to try it out. As soon as I opened the package there were a couple things that impressed me about the necklace. First of all, the clasp was easy to screw and unscrew, which is a plus with sometimes uncooperative, squirmy toddlers. Secondly, the necklace is knotted after each bead. Just in case it were to ever break, only one bead would come off.

Alyssa graciously volunteered to be my test subject and has been wearing it ever since. I have been completely surprised that she has hardly even noticed it was there! They recommend having your baby start to wear it at 8 weeks so they become accustomed to it and are less likely to pull on it, so I was a little worried about starting so late. Let me tell you, it has not been an issue at all. At night and during naps I move it to her ankle and wrap it around twice so it isn’t a choking hazzerd and even then she hasn’t played with it much.

I wasn’t really sure if we were getting a good idea of how well the necklace would actually work since she didn’t seem to be having any teething issues at the moment. She wasn’t overly fussy, wasn’t really chewing and had been sleeping very soundly (more so than she ever has in fact). But then when I was brushing her teeth I discovered she had actually cut TWO molars without us even knowing about it. Yay! We were so impressed we ordered a second necklace for Kylie after only three days of trying it out. I definitely recommend the Baltic Amber Baby teething necklaces to my friends and readers. I only wish we would have discovered this a year ago!

Now for the best part! Baltic Amber Baby is giving one lucky reader a FREE teething necklace (or bracelet) of their choice! And for every 50 entries an additional five readers will receive a 20% off coupon code. Even if you don’t have a little teether (or soon to be teether) go ahead and enter. These necklaces would make a great gift as well! So here is how to enter:

Mandatory Entry: Go the the Baltic Amber Baby Facebook page and “Like It”. Check out their selection of colors, styles, necklaces and bracelets. Come back here and leave a comment telling me which one you like the best. This giveaway only applies to teething necklaces and bracelets.

Additional Entries: (once each per day, must complete mandatory entry for additional entries to count)

  • Write your own blog post about this giveaway and leave a comment here with a link to your post.
  • Mention this giveaway on Facebook and leave a link.

Please leave your email in each comment so I will be able to contact you if you win! The winner will be chosen on Saturday June 18th, at 8pm PST using Good luck!

(*Let me remind you though, babies and toddler do fuss for reasons besides teething, so please do not expect this to be a magic, happy-all-the-time or mood stabilizing necklace.)

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Don’t Read It.

Yesterday, two of the blogs I follow both made posts with regards to comments people had made about them. Criticizing remarks.  I have also heard through the grapevine certain unkind things about this blog. Which got me thinking…

Why do people bother following a blog that they find inappropriate, offensive or for any other reason upsetting?

I think blogs are a great way to connect with other people in the same situations (for me- stay at home moms, parents of twins, people who cloth diaper, crafty people, etc.) and share what is happening in our lives with the people who don’t live close to us. Most days I am happy, some days I am frustrated, but all of it is real.

So I want to ask my readers, do you follow any blogs that upset you? And if so, why?

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Limerick Lane Review

Russell and I were fortunate enough recently that we were able to go wine tasting in the Russian River Valley. For Free! I had picked up some coupons for free tastings from the California Welcome Center in Santa Rosa, and we had a friend come watch the girls for us (the first time we EVER left them with anyone other than our parents!) and off we went.

The first, and by far our favorite, winery we visited was called Limerick Lane. This one had stood out to both of us in advance. Russell liked the name and the brochure, I liked that they specialize in Zinfandels and Syrahs (my two favorite wines). When we arrived for our free tasting we soon learned that the property is only 30 acres and employs just four full time staff in addition to the owner. They had four wines open for us to taste. The Pinot Noir, the Zinfandel, their Zin/Syrah blend called 1023, and the Syrah. After they discovered how much we enjoyed their wines and that we had chosen this winery specifically for these types of wine, they opened their limited Old Vine Zinfandel. Of the 30 acres on the property only 4 remain from the original vines planted in 1910 – the Old Vines. Well, was I ever glad that they opened that one for us, it was amazing! Needless to say we left with a bottle, and made sure we could order more online. After we were finished with our tasting we were given a small tour of the property and even got to see the old vines that our wine was grown on. It was so much fun.

If you are ever in the area and have the chance to visit Limerick Lane I highly recommend it! If not, visit their website and try a bottle. Guess what I’d recommend…

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Oakland Zoo Review

A couple of weeks ago I promised to do a post about our trip to the Oakland Zoo. Well, here it is. Finally.

We had a very wonderful time at the Oakland Zoo. I had heard we should go there vs. SF Zoo because it was a little smaller, less crowded and the animals had room to roam. I have never been to the San Francisco Zoo so I can’t compare, but Oakland was very nice. It was easy to get to, had a nice size parking lot and was clean and stroller friendly. The size of the exhibits was nice for the animals, but sometimes you did have to time it right to be able to see them. For example, we visited the elephants during feeding time and only saw one, but after lunch came back and there were 4-5 nearby. We never did manage to see the lions as they were being lazy and slept the whole time we were there. I would just suggest making a second trip around if you missed some animals the first time through.

While I am making suggestions, let me also say plan your food ahead of time. We did bring along some fruit and muffins for the girls (they actually do let you bring in your own food which is rare for places like this!) but had also planned to get something hot for them inside the park. We did have a map that showed food locations throughout the park, but found out not many were actually open on the day we were there. (a weekday) So be sure to check out which ones are open when so you don’t find yourself on one end of the park with two (or insert your own number here) small kids ready to eat and the only food at the opposite end.

The best part of the zoo was how close we were actually able to get to the animals. Here are a couple pf pictures for perspective.

my step-dad impersonating mr. tiger…

the girls and a camel

our family, someone else’s arms, and a giraffe…

Kylie, me and a couple giraffes…

Kylie and a zebra…

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